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    Payment sent mate!
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    Ordered Some Non-LED Super White Bulbs For A3/S3 2010+ Number Plate Lights

    Cheers mate! Want some Philips DV also what shop did you use for yours?
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    Ordered Some Non-LED Super White Bulbs For A3/S3 2010+ Number Plate Lights

    Hi Paullie, Just sent you a PM let me know if you get it ok.
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    S3 - Have I made the right decision?

    I bought an Ibis A3 and would never change it!! When its clean it look AMAZING and i dont think you can beat it! but it does get Dirty quickly!! The way i look at it... IF you change you will prob want to change back to Ibis again... If i was you i would stick with it!
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    best tyre gripper

    What price are they in Costco?
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    Rattles in doors

    I have the same issue its seems to come from the seal at the top of the window! Fine when it's raining but when its dry it's pretty bad! I think it is the dry rubber squeaking on the window as whn a move the window 1-2mm its solves the issue, I take it silicone spray sorts this?
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    Car in for service - Courtesy Car?

    Aviva tend to cover you if you need a curtosey car with your STD excess so check with your provider!I had a car from Stirling i didnt need to pay just had to sign some docs guess that had a huge excess also although i beleive you can pay £10 - £20 to reduce it to nothing!
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    Cruise Control

    Adam - I Mainly spend my days between Glasgow and Edinburgh Gary - Cheers for the offer mate! i will keep that in mind I will have a chat with the others and see if we can arrange some sort of Group Buy how many could be done in one day?
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    Cruise Control

    Cool that would be perfect! If not i will see if we have anyone is interested in another scottish group buy! I know of 2 already interested
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    Cruise Control

    You based in Newcastle? Only 1.5 hour drive and well worth in for an expert!!Could give it a good test on the way home! Could you advise of the cost for supply and fitting?
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    Cruise Control

    Nigel - Are you ever near Scotland? Rhyso - Cheers for the link.... it made me realise its a job for the pros
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    Cruise Control

    I would like to do this as my first mod but wondered if it is wise considering I am a complete novice or should I leave it to the experts? I know it will need coding so will use my local VAG specialist but thought I could save on labour costs fitting it myself Do you need to remove the...
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    Creaky Clutch

    I have just covered 4K from new in my A3 1.4TFSI and the clutch is starting to creak ( like an old creaky door ) when you depress the clutch, it’s a quiet noise inside and rather loud outside. When I depress the clutch you can feel the creak through the clutch pedal any ideas on how to resolve...
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    Squeaky Triangle!

    I have the same issue in the same place after 9 months! Going to try an allen key tonight!
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    Silver Door Trim

    Hi, Does anyone know what the part number is for the Silver trim on the passanger door of a 2011 3Dr Sport? Can it be bought on its own or is it part of a pack?? I have searched ebay but no luck!
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    Needle Sweep on S3

    Can this be done with the 2011 cluster in a sport A3?
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    Clutch problem??

    Ok Tried to search online but no answers....Has anyone had any problems with clutch Slip on a new car? Remember reading something on here a while back?
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    Clutch problem??

    Had my A3 about six months with around 2k on the clock, never noticed it until today but when the car is cold it suffers a little clutch slip 2 or 3 times max when in higher geras is this normal or would you take it in? 1.4 TFSI totally standard! Has anyone had the same issue on a new car and...