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  1. Alex Richardson

    Experience of Tootle ?

    I tried to sale my A4 (2014) with Tootle. I got around 4 offers but they were offering half price. So I had to look for other options. I tried with local garage and motorway. But never tried WABC. Got two good offers on Motorway. I think it is worth to take a look...
  2. Alex Richardson

    Travel Advice for Visiting US

    There are few websites to compare flight tickets. You may check those Websites.
  3. Alex Richardson

    What do you do for a job?

    I am a Research Executive in a Marketing Agency.
  4. Alex Richardson

    Best place to sell..

    I hope already sold your B6. If you haven't sold it yet, I suggest you to try here I sold mine and price was good. Let me know if you find it useful.
  5. Alex Richardson

    Kong - Skull Island

    Trailer was impressive but movie wasn't. My rating is 5/10.
  6. Alex Richardson

    Hello chaps

    Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum. I also own A4
  7. Alex Richardson

    Wheel fitments?

    EQ Automotive is well known for their wheels and tyres. Contact them and they will let you know what can you fit in your car and what not.
  8. Alex Richardson

    S4 anti rattle clips

    As far as I know, they both use the same calipers. So, here is your confirmation. :)
  9. Alex Richardson

    I want to buy an A4 which model is best?

    A simple suggestion, go for A6 or A7 rather than A4. I guess they will minimize your number of questions and number of doubts.
  10. Alex Richardson

    Clear Indicator Lenses

    Your attachments are not clear. Can you help us with it?
  11. Alex Richardson

    Bulk head drain holes.

    Under the battery.
  12. Alex Richardson

    A4 Avant S-Line TDI 170 - MPG Concern

    I think now you have your answer.
  13. Alex Richardson

    In car wifi?

    You can buy a pocket wifi router and use it in your car. And you can also bring it outside whenever it's necessary. The router can be charged in your car.
  14. Alex Richardson

    £30K Budget... what Audi to buy?

    Congratulations mate. You and your friend got a great car. I was absolute that you are going to buy the A6 2.0L
  15. Alex Richardson

    Le Mans 2016

    It sure does look like you and BelfastCol. I am not going anywhere this year :(
  16. Alex Richardson

    Where are all the F1 fans?

    I am also a big fan of F1. But frustrated with the change of F1 rules.
  17. Alex Richardson

    Recommended Garage (Worcester / Dudley)

    I usually use to repair my cars. Happy with their service. You may try their service.
  18. Alex Richardson

    Bridge of Spies

    I am a big fan of Tom Hanks. Like his all other movies, this one is also a master piece.
  19. Alex Richardson

    Bumper repair advice

    If you are in a hurry then I suggest you to go for a repair shop. One of my friends get repaired from Audi and he was not satisfied with their service. Recently, I have repaired my car from "EQautomotive". You may try their service.