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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Nice lens mate, Have just got the Sigma 10-20 but thinking of swapping it for the Sigma 8-16 for serious ultra wide fun!
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    DSC_3745.jpg by Pete_Irvine, on Flickr
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    Haldex always locked

    Over here a second hand controller is anything from £50-£150 and without translating the currency I'd say yes. Does the rear wheel lock when you do tight turns? Usually the inside wheel of the turn?
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    mark_S3 Progress Thread

    You've just reminded me i need to do my sill's this weekend! Gave the car a mega clean this weekend but knew i would have enough time to really sort the sills out! Nice car, unusual to see silver and blue interior!
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    N249 bypass on bam

    You have a pipe going to the N249 gubbins and a pipe coming from the N249 gubbins that goes down to the inlet. Basically all you need to do is remove the N249 and connect a piece of silicone pipe from the top of the 'dump valve' (recirc valve!) to the inlet nipple. No T-peice needed on BAM/AMK...
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    Misano Red s3

    Sounds good, definaly need pitures though! Half leather seats aren't extra's but the heated seats were, great extra couldn't be without mine.
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    What do you get if you cross a thermos cup with a car?

    I used a protein shaker i'm sure there is a picture on the forum somewhere. I'd put some synthetic wire wool in there mate as it will help filter but still allow gasses to pass through.
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    Hi Guys! How is everyone?!

    Dane, i saw you driving on the outskirts off chelt with a sofa hanging out of your car! Still, it looked immense.
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    Shell Nitro

    Used it at the weekend as I usually fill up with vpower anyways, much prefer it over other fuels including tesco momentum because of its cleaning properties etc. I was on a dyno on Saturday and the car made 273 bhp, on rtechs dyno the car made 265bhp and the only change being the fuel but the...
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    One thing after another

    Wet feet? :ninja:
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    Vex182 - S3 Modding and maintaining thread!

    Nice work on the sump! looks pretty much new. Wonder if i have switchable maps on my car... How would i be able to tell?
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    replacement engine 8l amk

    Rod lottery! expect it was running lean top end? Chin up and get a well priced looked after engine, anything you can sell off the destroyed engine can go towards the new engine.
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    Heated Factory Recaro's

    This might be helpful Heated seats installation plsssss - uk-mkivs This is also very helpful albeit your have to slightly modify button and trim removal for the S3. How To: Install Kufatec Heated Seat Loom - uk-mkivs
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    Heated seats!

    Well, whats more likely.... Audi have fitted buttons to your car that don't work and have never worked OR a previous owner has fitted the climate control unit with the buttons as theirs probably packed up, with the mind to fit the seats at a later date. :icon_thumright:I'll let you ponder...
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    S3 Sump Removal and Refit (with pics)

    Are they the only bolts holding the sump on now? As the weight of the sump could be hindering you getting them undone..? I would have started with the hardest ones first as they are a *****!
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    TiV mapping

    Niki got 265 bhp and 293tq from my S3 with only a 3' intake and jetex filter... Get it booked with Niki or Bill and you should see a good gain and be safe in the knowledge you have a good safe map on the car.
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    Any auto dimming rear view mirrors? Retro fit guide fitting.

    It was an extra did test drive a S3 with one afew years ago, sadly it was about the only good thing about the car.
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    Big thanks to R-tech!

    Yeah was the yellow one bud, he said about your car slipping on the rollers but its lasted quite well hasn't it? My GSF maf isn't upto much cop and its only 6 months old, audi or tps from now on. I'll link to the images as they're large and the phones making it awkward...
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    Big thanks to R-tech!

    Went up today and got the S3 custom stage 1 mapped! had some bits to do in the area so two birds and all that! Great lads and a good few hours watching the car on the rollers! Everything checked in as it should and no obvious problems, mapping began but fuel trims were somewhat off and last...