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  1. David T

    For Sale Audi A4 b6 1.9 Quattro Sport Sline

    Price reduced to £1725
  2. David T

    For Sale Audi A4 b6 1.9 Quattro Sport Sline

    163700 miles 2004 Full Service History (14 stamps) MOT till Jan 2020 Updated stereo - Alpine headunit (cde185bt) and JBL speakers Bluetooth connectivity Full black leather interior Fantastic drive from the great AVF engine and Quattro drivetrain 6 speed Minor rust on front wheel arches and...
  3. David T

    High pitch hum from rear speakers

    hi all. I’ve recently changed the front speakers in my 2004 b6 a4, which has concert with half amplified rear speakers and subwoofer. I also replaced the headunit with an alpine cde178. Since being installed there is now a high pitched hum from the rears, the tweeters I think. The noise does not...
  4. David T

    Bang and Olufsen stereo

    anyone tried to install a bang and olufsen stereo into a b6? I’m looking to upgrade the hi-fi and came across a bunch of ‘8k B&O’ speaker sets from S4s on eBay, mostly from Germany. Probably spend more getting them plumbed in than buying a new system but just wondered
  5. David T

    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    I have a set of cloth seats (fronts and rears) from my 2004 B6 S line Quattro sport saloon. Free to a good home. I also have a set of door cards from a leather interior a B6 saloon. The rears are for manual windows (winders) and one of the speaker covers is missing / broken on the driver's door...
  6. David T

    So Claimed MPG

    It's just after the air filter, couple of big clips to remove. There's various YouTube clips on how to remove and clean it. Do use proper mass airflow sensor cleaner not just any old contact cleaner. Still only about 8 quid on amazon.
  7. David T

    So Claimed MPG

    Apologies if this has been mentioned already but have you cleaned the mass airflow sensor? Easy DIY job and can make a big difference
  8. David T

    So Claimed MPG

    Just done my first brim to brim in my new (to me!) 1.9 tdi Quattro sport, and got 48.5 mpg. Very pleased!
  9. David T

    Back to Audi!

    Hi to all, very excited to have returned to the Audi fold, having just bought a mint 2004 b6 1.9 tdi Quattro Sport SLine. It drives like its new, despite the 140000 miles on the dyno, so planted, eager engine, great looking. I'm so chuffed! I've had a few audis, including an A2, 90 20 valve, ur...