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    E10 Petrol

    Allow me to post my stupid thoughts. Could you just not buy a jug of pure ethanol, 99.9 percent. Then pour in around 6 liters with a full tank of gas? Wouldn't that equal e10? 10 percent of fuel tank would be pure ethanol... Lol, please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not know ANYTHING about...
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    400+whp Checklist

    Yep, You think ''if I get this, might as well get this. Might as well get that so I should get this because they go hand in hand.'' And all of a sudden you're 20grand poorer lol I actually seen a couple of ads pop up on FB Marketplace and eBay for built engines. Seriously considering those
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    400+whp Checklist

    Currently on hold lol. I may cut down on costs severly. May just do rods, pistons, bearings etc. and exhaust valves, head studs and call it a day. But we'll see. For now, on hold!
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    Chinafold for LHD S3?

    Only basing what I saw off their website. Seems like a nice little website with fabrication stuff. I would contact them and inquire a bit more. I also spotted a 3.5 inch downpipe with a race cat for the 1.8T with stock ko3/ko3s turbo lol. That looks interesting
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    Dual vs. single mass clutch kit?

    I run a 6kg Single Mass Lightweight Flywheel. G60 flywheel with a VR6 clutch and pressure plate for up to 450nm. The pedal feel is really light its retarded. Whenever I go to drive in the project car for the first time in a week, my foot literally slams into the back because its so light. I am...
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    Update and Advice

    Changed my Facebook Marketplace location to London with 100km radius. Jesus, the amount of ads for 1.8T. I may have to pop by the UK when I drive up to the Netherlands this summer!
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    Update and Advice

    Where do you spot them? eBay? FB Marketplace?
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    WMI Reservoir & Pump Location Install

    Thats interesting. I may have to steal that idea lol. Those pictures are sufficient! Thank you very much! Cheers
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    WMI Reservoir & Pump Location Install

    Cheers, I greatly appreciate that!
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    WMI Reservoir & Pump Location Install

    So, I've given it some thought over the weekend. Mocked things up, tried a couple of ideas but to no avail. I was thinking of slapping 2 pieces of thin wooden plank to make some sort of L (one lays flat across the boot floor and the other would be up against the side/wall) How were you able to...
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    Value my s3

    Photos!!!! Post em up
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    WMI Reservoir & Pump Location Install

    So I got my WMI system all wired up. AEM v2 system. Nozzle in IC piping before the TB. Controller in glovebox with a switch wired in so I can switch the system on and off. I still have to find a place to mount it. I've got the wires and lines running to the boot of the car to be able to install...
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    Old vs New Technology

    Yes, another one of these Big Turbo question threads by me. Apologies So, as some may know I am planning big turbo build however I still cannot decide what manifold/turbo to go for. I've been reading Big Turbo build threads in the 1.8T section in VwVortex, majority of which are a decade old (or...
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    my s3 project build

    I contacted AEM about the differences between the 2 systems ''The only difference is the new v3 nozzle design. Aside from that the kits are identical and yes you will still get the same cooling and octane boost with WMI injection regardless if which kit. You can also purchase v3 nozzles...
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    my s3 project build

    You've probably heard it a ton of times and will hear it many times in the future too. Michelin Pilot Sport 4's. I run them and love them. Loads better than the Primacy 4 I had on before How do you like that AEM WMI kit? I see it's the V3. Do you know any differences between the V2/V3? I am...
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    Flip an A3 1.8T with a blown headgasket??

    An offer just popped up on Facebook Marketplace. A 2001 Audi A3 1.8T 2 door with a blown headgasket for 500 euros. Car has been sitting for a while and I was wondering if you guys could tell me whether or not it's worth the risk flipping an A3 1.8T with a blown headgasket. I am knowledgeable...
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    Air con...

    I think it's just got something to do with the weather. You see my A3 has got a huge AC gas leak which would be more expensive to fix than the car is worth so as you can imagine, I cba. Whenever I would turn on the AC in the summer it would blow HOT air, same temperature if I were to turn on...
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    Thoughts on 'sports' Road Tyre's makes and models ?

    I have Michelin PS4, love them. They perform better than the Primacy 4 I had on before
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    Fuel pumps

    Am running Deatschwerks DW65. Runs like a charm but like some people have said before under a 1/4 the pump starves for gas sometimes and cuts out. Other than that, no problem
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    Pull the trigger and buy cheap part, or buy Genuine OEM?

    Oi! Youre talking to Mr. Lazy over here lol