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  1. w1llssm1th

    Post Pictures of your A1 in here.

    The Beast!
  2. w1llssm1th

    A6/S6/Allroad (C7 Chassis) pics thread

    New Wheels! A6 Avant Ultra!
  3. w1llssm1th

    Ashtray/coin holder upgrade

    Ordered Cheers!! Offer of 6.70 + 3.30 postage sealed the deal!
  4. w1llssm1th

    A4/S4/RS4 B8.5 Armrest Tidy / Storage Tray

    Ordered, cheers for the spot!
  5. w1llssm1th

    Steering noise

    2008 with 30k miles and doing the same as you guys! Should I be worried?
  6. w1llssm1th

    Scottish dealers

    Bought from Aberdeen Audi through Ross Campbell who was really helpful, stay away from Inverness there useless!!
  7. w1llssm1th

    Congratulations chelsea

    Well done Chelski!!
  8. w1llssm1th

    biscuits. mmmmmm

    Custard CReams or Oreo's, or both!! :arco:
  9. w1llssm1th

    Audi RS4 Correction Detail - AMDetails

    Lovely job!
  10. w1llssm1th

    Can't believe it

    Ouch, she made a job of that!! :sob:
  11. w1llssm1th

    **Newbeee** S3 8P (58') - Meteor Grey

    Nice Motor!! :racer:
  12. w1llssm1th

    Coilovers Fitted! (pic heavy)

    Bentley Wheels = Smart!!
  13. w1llssm1th

    Hello every one!!

    Welcome to the fourm!! :racer:
  14. w1llssm1th

    im new one

    Welcome to the fourm!! :racer:
  15. w1llssm1th

    Found: 4Gb SD cards for RNSE for £4.99!

    Bought this card and it works great, thanks mate!! Just have to choose the tunes I want now!! :rockwoot:
  16. w1llssm1th

    captain america. LOL

    Quite enjoyed the film, the special effects were pretty awful, but found how they made Chris Evans a skinny little guy at the start quite funny!!
  17. w1llssm1th

    First post, first Audi, photos galore inside

    Nice pics, lovely car! :racer:
  18. w1llssm1th

    New member with Audi A4

    Nice motor, enjoy!! :racer: