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  1. Whitewaterguy87

    Saloon Apr stage 2!!!!

    I have the APR Stage 1 & got the APR Inlet system & 2nd Cat bypass pipes when the inlet system came out and have been waited to install it till the APR Downpipe came out so I could save money on installation/shop time. I just order the APR downpipe and race midpipes without Cats 2 days ago and...
  2. Whitewaterguy87

    Advice Needed for APR Inlet System

    Any reason that you know why? It's a fun car so far!
  3. Whitewaterguy87

    Advice Needed for APR Inlet System

    Yes LHD. Are most people on this forum from the UK?
  4. Whitewaterguy87

    REVO Carbon intake FL

    Look's great!
  5. Whitewaterguy87

    Advice Needed for APR Inlet System

    I wanted to see if you guys would return this APR inlet system? I've heard negative things about the carbon pipe but don't fully understand the problem. On top of hearing negative stuff the box came smash in on one end. There is a deep scratch in the carbon pipe as well, and I guess im just...
  6. Whitewaterguy87

    Facelift APR carbon intake quality

    I just got my APR Inlet System in the mail yesterday. I didn't have enough time to really check it out but is there something I need to know? I've done a little internet searching but not enough! Does anyone have this mod and have advice or likes / dislikes?
  7. Whitewaterguy87

    Drive Select on Start Up

    You can also us the button on the steering wheel if you program it to drive select mode, I think:search: but I'm new to this car!