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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Im looking to sell my 2010 s3 in silver 35000 miles 3 door stronic bought from audi sept 2015 cam belt done at purchase full audi history, last done september, along with haldex and stronic it has buckets nav (replaced under warranty, so a yr old) bose/ami auto lights/wipers/dimming side...
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    S3 oil - Quantum vs Castrol?

    Castrol make quantum oil so it must be ok? My Audi dealer uses shell oil in Stafford. I've just bought a 5 litre quantum long life for future top ups , it's a no brainier if it's quality and also approved
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    Bcs powervalve experience s3

    Well after much deliberation I decided for the full powervalve system with the Oem style pipes. After reading many reviews on here. I must say I've not met a more knowledgable and friendly team before and would strongly recommend powervalve. The car has lost a lot of in car noise at low...
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    Audi s3 8p cambelt change costs

    The bonus, in theory of a main dealer, if you can chase the price down is the 2 year warranty on all parts fitted?
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    Audi s3 8p cambelt change costs

    On Stafford Audi website under s3 it says £455 cambelt and £599 with water pump. Just double check before you travel
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    Reversing light (Or lack off ! )

    Did you go for the 80w or 30w bukb bainie,and what year is your car? Thanks, John
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    HELP!! Front air vents have stopped working.

    Mines 5 but luckily used approved warranty, they're replacing my sat nav today, glad I bought it from audi
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    HELP!! Front air vents have stopped working.

    Temp sensor? I had similar by both drivers side ones being cold a few weeks ago, Audi tracked it to be a sensor , done under warranty, so no idea of cost.
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    S3 8p roof light

    can you give me a price on a roof light with the led downlighting and map lights please, my car is a 60 plate 3 door S3 black headlining and sunroof with a twist type switch Thanks
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    'Click' when lifting off the throttle

    It is the exhaust, onthe backbox there is a valve that operates to close a butterfly in one of the exits it is there to improve back pressure at low speeds and open up on throttle. You will see a kind of rod which clicks. I have a brand new one and still clicks on my s3
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    AFS downgrade to Bi-Xenon

    :detective2:Sounds like it has been in a front end to me and the repair company have fitted the wrong lights? Why els would they be non afs? Mine doesn`t have afs but its an early 2007
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    Nuespeed P Flow induction for S3 8p

    :think:Where is your battery cover? All that effort cleaning and you can see the horrible battery?
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    Wierd Idle on 2.0tdi 170 HELP

    It is regenerating the dPf it is normal. It increases the rpm to burn off the exhaust gases, after a short while it will settle back to normal. The best thing to do is wait till it finishes it's cycle before switching off. If it fails to complete after around 3 to 4 times you will get a fault on...
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    Dead Pedal question

    The first one fits a golf and leon, I had one on mine bought direct from osir in usa. I emailed them reference the second one pictured as its listed and pictured for a audi a3 or mk2 tt dsg. They said it will fit a manual too, just haven`t had the spare funds to get one myself, sold my old one...
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    It could be a faulty sensor, my old 2007 leon 170 had this and is very common. Cost around £100 but mine was under warranty. The only way to diagnose is plugging it in to get fault codes by a dealer or other I am affraid. On another note I always used millers diesel fuel additive (called...
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    Michelin Sport Contact 3 Tyres

    I had. Ps2 on my leon fr 170 tdi. And. Got 18000 out of fronts then. Put ps3. On and at 27000. They fronts had less tread than the rear original ps2. Down to 3mm so worse in my opinion on wear than ps2 never had any noise issues though. S3 I have now is on conti 2 front and 3 on rear all nearly...
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    OEM supplier of discs & pads - 312 Also. Known as avs car parts in swaffam norfolk, good website and fast delivery too with oem part numbers. Got some pads for my s3 the other week made by trw which was lucas. And were identical manufacturer to ones I got for my seat leon from main. Dealer in vag packaging