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  1. replicant71

    Rattle noise coming from B pillar area

    I no longer have my S3 but I never resolved this. However, I have a very similar issue with my RS3! The noise is on the passenger side. My local Audi dealer had it for a few days a year ago and improved it slightly. Apparently it was something to do with the wiring loom that is housed within...
  2. replicant71

    Facelift Servicing & Additional Work Schedule

    Totally agree, I really miss having a service booklet showing exactly what is required, and when.
  3. replicant71

    Facelift Pirelli Tyre Defects - Response

    Exactly, the "main" treads are fine and last a good amount of time, it's the inner edges that are the problem.
  4. replicant71

    Saloon Steering Wheel Alcantara Wear

    Wow, that is impressive! My steering wheel is in a similar state to what yours was, so I may have to give this a go. Where did you get the Carpro Inside from and what is the process for applying it? Cheers.
  5. replicant71

    Another Rs3 Stolen

    I have always worried about what to do in these instances. I must admit, if a flashing blue light came up behind me, my instinct would be to pull over and not just keep driving, but reading the information in that link above, it does say you're ok to drive somewhere "safe" first.
  6. replicant71

    Facelift Demisting on cold mornings

    I get this too, very annoying. I've had it with my previous three Audis too, never with other brands! What makes it worse is when I first get in the car, sometimes it's not too bad, I then drive off and a few yards down the road, the inside of the windscreen completely mists up and I have to...
  7. replicant71

    IOS 13 & MMI

    I un-paired my phone from the MMI and then when I re-paired it, I also got the message pop up. However, since doing this, for the past couple of days, I no longer get the message, it only appeared the once when doing the pairing.
  8. replicant71

    Saloon Oil usage after 1018 miles....

    I use Castrol Edge 5W-30 (VW 504 00) for my top ups.
  9. replicant71

    RS3 Servicing Prices

    @FBF01 I believe that the Haldex service is due every three years and not mileage dependant.
  10. replicant71

    Tyre pressure confusion

    Thanks guys, I've now adjusted my pressures to 39/35 :thumbs up:
  11. replicant71

    Tyre pressure confusion

    VAG need to seriously re-design their labels! They are not easily read! lol
  12. replicant71

    Tyre pressure confusion

    I just find the way the sticker is laid out confusing, it's not clear which figures to use. The figures above or below the tyre size? Seems @RGBARGEE and @phantom_s3 are both reading it differently.
  13. replicant71

    Tyre pressure confusion

    Hi folks. I have the staggered tyre set up, 255/30 up front and 235/35 at rear. What are the correct pressures for these (with a light load as only ever me in the car)? The tyre sticker on my car is very confusing, which set of pressures should I be using, the top set or middle set?
  14. replicant71

    Car damaged while at Audi garage

    And this is why insurance premiums are so high. Absolutely disgusting. As soon as these companies know that the courtesy car costs will be covered by insurance, they just charge what they like!
  15. replicant71

    Map Updates

    Many thanks @deepy, very informative.
  16. replicant71

    Map Updates

    How does this work if you only upgrade with a specific region, i.e. southern England? I've never updated my maps, so I presume when the car is brand new, it comes with the FULL European maps? If you then update with a specific region only, does it just update the maps for that region and leave...
  17. replicant71

    Sat Nav Map Update?

    Yes, I'm quite confused by all this too. In the past when I have logged into MyAudi it appeared to have updates available and yet when I log in now, it states I am upto date. However, my car was manufactured late 2017 and I have never updated the maps, so is it really upto date? I thought...
  18. replicant71

    Washer fluid reservoir

    Thanks, didn't think about the manual lol. Just checked it, the RS has a 3.5 litre capacity.
  19. replicant71

    Washer fluid reservoir

    Cheers. Wow, had no idea it was that big!
  20. replicant71

    Washer fluid reservoir

    Hi, does anyone know how big the washer fluid reservoir is? I topped mine up today but I hardly ever use my washers anyway, so thought it wouldn't need much but I ended up putting nearly a whole one litre bottle in and it still didn't come to the top! It's so annoying that you can't even see...