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  1. Ashmcblue

    VCDS + chip...perhaps!

    Morning all. Going from an 8V S3 to the new A5 2.0 TFSI. Stuck a few nice options on, mainly Tour Pack and Technology Pack. Two questions to the knowledgable out there! Think I might have a remap done as going from the S3 with 300ps to the 190ps front wheel drive car will take some...
  2. Ashmcblue

    S3 8V snow chains

    I'm driving my S3 to morzine in January. Has anyone used snow chains with their S3? Can you recommend a good set? Don't really want to pay Thule prices! :)
  3. Ashmcblue

    MMI screen stuck in down position

    Evening all. Got in the car just now and noticed that my screen didn't pop up so couldn't operate the radio etc. I'll probably take it in to the dealer but has anyone had this issue? I imagine it's a fuse that I could probably replace.
  4. Ashmcblue

    CamerAlert speed camera app for iPhone

    Hi all, With my impending S3 delivery I have had a read about cameralert and got the app. It speaks up above your listening when approaching cameras. I've trialled it with the free database. It seems pretty good, obviously not as good as it will be with the subscription (£20 a year very cheap...