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    Can someone measure their exhaust tips for me 2.0 petrol

    I need to know the size of the tips of the 2.0 TFSI so if someone can kindly measure the width of theirs for me please.. Must be 2.0 TFSI I'm having custom exhaust job on mine but don't want to go to the stealers for the chrome tips
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    Twin outlet exhaust conversion from single outlet

    Was wondering if anyone has done this or can guide me where to get this done from in the Midlands I have the single exhaust outlet but in love with the dual outlet look (not the quad/s4 look)
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    A4 Avant creaking/vibrating noise in rear

    I have constant creaking/vibrating noise from 2 week old A4 Avant. The noise seems to be coming from the rear luggage compartment when going over uneven road bumps and roundabouts. Have tried folding seats down, removed parcel shelf and removing dogguard but no difference. Also went as far as...
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    Anyone lowered an A4 S line?

    Looking for fellow members who have lowered their Avant or Saloon I have a Black Edt which has the 20mm lower sport springs Not too sure which kit to go for so would like to see some pics Decided on Eibach but pro kit or sportline, not too sure yet
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    Help installing front grill rings

    Need to replace the front rings Has anyone done this without removing bumper/grill? My previous car (A6 C7) they popped out easy enough but not on this
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    Speakers upgrade

    Regret not going for the B&O option.. well it's done now. Wondering if anyone has explored any aftermarket upgrades? Door speakers? Cost?
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    Spacers HELP

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Looking to put on 10mm spacers onto my B9 Avant. Will these fit 5x112 66.6 hub centric 10mm Anyone installed 10mm before?
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    Hi, Could anyone help source a genuine rear bumper diffuser for 2.0 TFSI with one exhaust either side. Required for 2017 Avant S-Line Trying to avoid the stealers !
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    Replace A4 B9 Front Grille Rings Size

    Has anyone replaced the rings on the front? I know there's loads of posts on plasti-dipping them But I'd like to replace them to gloss black Not yet taken delivery of my B9 so wondering if anyone knows the size of the chrome rings Rear rings size would be nice too
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    WHICH Lowering Springs for A4 B9

    Hi Guys. Newbie here.. Has anyone tried to lower 2017+ A4 B9 Saloon or Avant I have done some extensive research and it seems only two Brands are available in the UK Eibach - Pro Kit lowers F+R 30mm and Sportline F 45mm + R 40mm Emmanuelle Design (USA brand but available in UK) - F+R 40mm...