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  1. TED7

    Seized screws and silver plating.

    Getting a bit annoyed with how brake fasteners always weld themselves in. Has anyone tried using silver plated screws before to replace the original screws? I know they are used loads in aerospace where things do through heat cycling frequently (normally silver plate helicoils rather than screws...
  2. TED7

    Remove birthdays from the Calender

    Given that the site has 27,093 users, of which each one has precisely one birthday, and there are less than 27,093 days in a year, the calender is filled with birthdays. I didn't notice any events, just birthdays and bank holidays. Could birthdays be filtered out of the calender as they are of...
  3. TED7

    Replacing exhaust flexis S4

    One of my flexi joint braids has come undone completely at one end and is being held together by the inner pipe, as a temporary fix for the time being due to funds (thermostat also needs replacing, wheels need a refurb, car needs lowering, milltek, remap etc. Usual S4 problems), I intend on...
  4. TED7

    Odd coolant temperature issue.

    Afternoon all. Since I got my S4 I have had a low coolant temperature on cold days (which I didn't notice when I bought it). On snowy days, the dial rarely moved above 70 degrees. If I left the car sitting still (i.e. with no air flow through the rad), it would go up to 90 and hold steady...
  5. TED7

    Wiring in a removable sub.

    Hello. I have a sub with amp screwed to it in my old car, which I'm thinking of transferring to my B5 avant but would like it to be removable because the dog lives in the back sometimes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about it? I'm thinking of wiring the two power leads up with a...
  6. TED7

    Morning everyone!

    I thought I would say hello before I dive in. I just picked up a S4 B5 Avant yesterday from the other end of the country. Loving it to bits although it does sound annoyingly civilised!