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  1. Mik3F

    Thinking of doing the Q5 wiper mod

    I am thinking about fitting the Q5 wiper to my Avant, rather than the standard one. The standard one I have is brand new and hasn't been used as it was fitted before the wiper motor was found to be faulty The rear wiper motor is shot and I have a replacement on the way Has anyone used the...
  2. Mik3F

    Intermittent Brake Pad Warning Light

    After a little advice / help The brake pad warning light intermittently appears on the dash of our A4 Avant. Pressing the check button when the engine is switched off shows everything is OK with the sensors themselves. The pad sensors have been cut and twisted together as they were causing...
  3. Mik3F

    New from Middleton

    New member here from Middleton, Manchester Recently bought an Audi A4 Avant S Line 2008 B7 and love it First job is to replace the rear wiper motor as it has packed up and then replace the wiper arm and blade Already looking at some visual upgrades on the front if I can persuade the wife that...