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  1. X_Splinter

    Audi A4 136hp remap to 200hp (Stage 1) WTF

    So guys I follow the top 3 Ramap garages in Portugal in Facebook. Since last month I saw A4s B8.5 2.0 TDI 136hp going for a stage 1 remap. For my surprise they getting up to 200hp and 408nm. (lowest did 198hp and highs I saw 201hp). They claim the 136hp 2 liters engine is very similar to the...
  2. X_Splinter

    Recommended tyre pressure for 225/45R18?

    Hey there guys, today I am buy 18" alloys and I am going to use the 225/45R18 tyres. Does anyone here that has 18 wheel from stock could check the recommend tyre pressure? It's usually on the drivers door. I can't do it because mine only has 16 and 17 tyre displayed.
  3. X_Splinter

    Rear diffuser in Carbon Fiber (Water-Transferring)

    I have done this last New Year's Eve and I forgot to show to you guys. This is was my "list of mods" to do since I bought it. The guy on shop told applying sticker was not a good idea it is to close to the exhaust so the high temp. could damage it. So we went with the Water Transferring...
  4. X_Splinter

    Error Updating MMI to 5570 (Variant Conflit)

    So I am trying to update my MMI 2G on my 2013's Audi A4 B8.5 and get this error when staring . A variant conflit occured! MainUnit variant: 9303 Release info variant: MMI HIGH
  5. X_Splinter

    Door ghost logo LED light (no drills)

    Hey guys, So I got these welcome lights several months ago but I think I never share it on the forum. I got them on Ebay and these replacements for the OEM lights. No need to modify your door with drills, just swap the original with these ones. They are LEDs so they dont drain your battery...
  6. X_Splinter

    Retrofit OEM subwoofer?

    So guys my B8.5 has no subwoofer :sorry: I would like to get one (OEM) and install it. I made a quick search on Ebay and I can only find for B7. I may ask Audi for a price but usually we can get cheaper online so If anyone knows a place let me know. Also do you what's the part number? (Audi...
  7. X_Splinter

    Help installing tail pipes caps

    Ok guys so this is newb question I am installing the audi chrome pipe caps. I insert them all the way until the point that got stuck I thought they were installed but there are two clips still visible... Do I need force them or bend them so the pipes go all the way? How do you did it?
  8. X_Splinter

    Have you try this 3dr party alumium pedals?

    Hey guys, I was looking for some alumium pedals for my A4 and I came across this non-OEM pedals which look great and are cheap. I wounder if anyone here had bought or seen them installed...
  9. X_Splinter

    Need help with S-line badges (2013's A4)

    Hello guys, So I got an Audi A4 Limousine and I want to install the S-Line badges and got 2 questions: 1-) Can anyone give the exact location of side s-line badges? It should the same as the A5 2-) Will this type of badge Fits on my front grill? My grill is this one Thanks in...