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  1. leeds2592

    When does the cambelt actually need changing in an S3 8P

    Mine was 56 plate had done over 80 000 miles and had never been changed. I like to live life on the edge :eyebrows:
  2. leeds2592


    Burn them, burn them with fire!!
  3. leeds2592

    Sline rear spoiler ...

    I know you've now got one, but for anybody after one in the future, look for full S Line rear tailgates, they seem to come up a lot more often than just the spoiler itself.
  4. leeds2592

    First clean of the year

    They look brilliant for all of 5 minutes haha. I used to get the stuff from Polished Bliss, not sure where sells it now, have a search on Google. You won't be able to get it in places like Halfords.
  5. leeds2592

    URGENT HELP: Bonnet won't open, any other way? 8P S3

    Mine was like this an I managed to open it with the use of lots of WD40 and someone pressing on the front of the bonnet whilst I was pulling the latch inside. Took a while but got there in the end. When you eventually get it open, give inside the mechanism a good spray with WD40 as they seem...
  6. leeds2592

    Write off i think :(

    ****** hell, can't believe it did that much damage, must have been a big ******? Can only echo the comments that have already been said though, metal can be replaced but people can't.
  7. leeds2592

    First clean of the year

    I went from a Silver car to a Black car, never again! The Wekstat stuff is so easy to use, spray on and wipe off and looks so glossy.
  8. leeds2592

    First clean of the year

    Silver always looks so fresh and clean. Dependent on how in to detailing you are, try get yourself an Werkstat Acrylic Kit, it's fantastic stuff on light coloured cars such as Silver.
  9. leeds2592

    What springs and dampers?

    The only problem with better coilovers such as AP's/KW's etc, is that they won't go as low as your FK's.
  10. leeds2592

    Opinions required Turinis S3

    Really date the car IMO. Rotors look much more modern.
  11. leeds2592

    What springs and dampers?

    Why do you have to keep adjusting them? Buy better coilovers, job done.
  12. leeds2592

    What can be activated?

    The little chirps when you lock/unlock? Great for finding your car when you've lost it in a big, busy car park :laugh:
  13. leeds2592

    Do I sell or strip?

    With that amount of miles I'd go with stripping it to get a bit of your money back. I've been driving my other halfs 1.1 206 whilst trying to sell my shed, it's horrible to downgrade so much but needs must. Hope all goes smoothly with the baby!
  14. leeds2592

    Cleaning mud off dash

    Try some decent APC with quite a high dilution ratio, it's got stubborn mud and dirt out of my plastics and interior before.
  15. leeds2592

    What's a decent lowered suspension to put on my RS3 rep (A3 S line)

    Save a bit more and go for some decent coilovers. There are loads of people who go for springs, get them fitted then aren't happy with the ride height.
  16. leeds2592

    Lowered my audi, worried about sump damage

    Underside of mine looked like @bentwenty when it was lowered on AP's, subframe took a good battering but never had a problem with the sump. If you really are concerned, as mentioned above, you can basically get a metal sheet to protect it which aren't too expensive.
  17. leeds2592

    Shall I swap for an S3?!

    Do it, have fun in the S3, then once you're used to it, map it and have even more fun.
  18. leeds2592

    8J, et35, CB 74.4, 225/45/17 will these fit my car?

    Even if they fit, I wouldn't put them on, they're horrible!