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    R8 V10 (4S) - Engine milage/susceptibility

    Mileage is not an issue on these things, the highest miler in the UK is something like 250k miles, I live in europe and mileages are generally much higher than the UK and are not mollycoddled like they can be in the UK. I use mine most days all year round and it lives outside, it is an Audi and...
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    Manual S3 or RS3?

    ^^ what he said. Neither are fun, both are effective. In that price bracket I would be looking at a lightly used 140i or Fiesta ST as a fun car.
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    Audi tracker

    Folks, does anybody know how to link the audi tracker (which I think is vodafone) in the car to the app? I am not deliberately playing dumb (but am feeling it!) but have confirmation the tracker is active, i have the app but have no idea how to link them. Thanks
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    5 cylinder Formentor [emoji23][emoji23]

    Dont get me wrong me too but governments/tax/manufacturers will make the decision for you and I suspect it aint that far away.
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    5 cylinder Formentor [emoji23][emoji23]

    I am struggling to get over the volumes of high power cars coming to the market whilst we all know petrol cars are no longer their strategy, check out the Tesla S Plaid which will blow away any petrol power. Saying that long live non 4cyl ice :) I quite like the look of that Cupra, in the...
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    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    For Sale - MTM Cantronic taken from 2014 manual S3. No clutch slip when installed on my car, adds a nice torquey feel to the motor with a more aggressive top end, feels like Audi developed it. Utterly reliable, with practice can be installed in under 10mins, Used for less than 10k miles, bought...
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    Has anyone traded their RS3 in for an R8?

    ^^ the current gen2 facelift does not due to the regs so the sweet spot is the my17-19 which did, option code was OP8 and I wouldn't buy an R8 without it. I have yet to hear an after market exhaust come close to the noise (ok after market can be noisier and defo much lighter but there is more...
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    Has anyone traded their RS3 in for an R8?

    ^^ I went from a 2014 manual Audi S3 stage1 to a 2017 R8 with OE optional sports exhaust...........sounds proper dirty and well beyond any 5cyl could muster. Magnificent machine it is, i use mine all year in all weather, lives outside and averaging around 19mpg, can squeeze 25mpg on a cruise on...
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    Next Gen RS3, or not ???

    ^^ as a current R8 owner they are a superb car, so easy to drive slowly yet so ridiculously fast when needed yet more comfy than my S3 was. the lack of sunroof yep agreed would be good to have one, space is an issue if you need any kind of space at all (I don't) but i can do a reasonable shop...
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    Its ironic isn't it, the R8 paddles are fine and work well (edit: just to be clear on the R8!) but I was looking into replacing them with Urus paddles as they shouldn't be plastic and should be a little bigger imo. Some paddles out there just look pants though. In the US in particular loads of...
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    Facelift What the new RS3 could look like...

    Isn't it irrelevant at 400+ bhp anyway, you aren't going to feel 15bhp but you would feel gearing if Audi changed that for example. All about the cost of change, is the new one worth paying a premium over the one you you like touchscreens etc? Likely out of the box to a road user...
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    Coast2coast anyone?

    ^^UK deals are mental, in France an RS3 with a decent spec is close to 1000euro per month lease. Congrats on the ST3, the best of its type at the moment and shows how much fun cars can be.......if i were looking for a small hot motor i would choose an ST3 over an S3 all day long, no way is the...
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    Next Gen 2021 Audi A3 Sedan Debut

    ^^ pompous people are just eejits and ignore them. PCP was designed to get more people into more expensive cars as often as possible.........think who think designed PCP? Like wab172uk I spent way too much on good old HP in the 90s.
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    Will I regret a PFL RS3?

    I actually think you could have more fun is a less powerful less fast car. As I have moved through cars/mbikes as I have got older the issue I have is that the faster/more capable a machine is the less pure enjoyment I can sometimes get. Any RS/S/R/AMG etc is more than good enough for road use...
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    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    Some people I think overly worry, if your battery is fit it should easily be able to be left for a month. My 2014 S3 was regularly left for 5weeks without being touched and always started when asked, important to not wake it up on a regular basis as the electronics have a kind of progressive...
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    Back to the 5cyl gang

    As an R8 V10 owner i can confirm a double five pot sounds fantastic particularly with an oe sports exhaust :) Whatever the map, whatever the software nothing imo comes close to its naturally aspirated magnificence..........grunty off beat sounding low to mid range yet absolute race car scream...
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    a3 8v dpf removal

    I don't get it, if you really think removing the dpf is the way forward you bought the wrong car. Should have bought a more appropriate one for your needs.
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    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    ^^ by all accounts the head of AMG stormed out of the board meeting after he was told AMG need to go to 4cyl............ The regulators are obsessed with emissions and the nonsense that is, anybody who drives any turbo hard (even a turbo diesel) knows that when a turbo is on boost it gobbles...
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    Wheel hop

    Yep as the man says.........likely haldex kaput.
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    Facelift A45s vs RS3

    Who cares.........want a faster accelerating car buy a faster accelerating car. As for the price of that merc, way too much and imo simply not worth it. 4cyls, big turbo whoppee.