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    What have you done today?

    Changed my coolant temp sensor. (Green plug (4 pin) for a new Green plug (4 pin) from Euro C.P. + then put a litre of G12 coolant in. Wasn't half full of **** / slime. Job's a good-un & running like a dream :D
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    Need a full scan / ideally another key coding too, as my replacement has recently broken :sos: 8L BAM - S3 2002 plate. Could somebody help me please? Based in Preston, Lancs (near J32). Willing to travel 10-15+ miles if that helps you guys. :readit: :bye:
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    ABS Speed Sensor Question

    I've just bought x4 from the internet and plan to change all of them. It might just be dirty. (My front left is very bad) / just inspected it as my ABS was kicking in at very low speed starting from first gear. Only when I turned off the traction control, did it move without major...
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    Gearbox Drain/Fill Plug Tool

    Strangely, mine was a 14mm allen socket from memory?! - Either way (as above) :) This forum helps me soooo much. Done mine recently - All good now on the changes/ worth doing yourself. We used good old gravity and a piece of hose to fill it back up - after doing the bevel box too...
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    Headlamp washer jets

    Thread resurrection alert.. Could somebody help me out, cold snap last 2 weeks, the end of the jet (the spray nozzle) has come away from the unit. (Drivers side). Can you guys point me in the right direction? - I need a replacement / don't know what to look for. A second hand one...
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    Wheel size s3 8l

    225-40-17's OK?
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    6 speed 4WD gearbox and front diff oil change

    Well, I've got the filter on the way +plus the funny looking multipoint L-shaped wrench thingy. New nut & washer for the Haldex unit. 250ml haldex oil. Semi synth GL4 (spec) for the front diff/ bevel @ x3 litres. Semi synth GL5 (spec) for the rear diff @ x1 litre. All review the earth...
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    6 speed 4WD gearbox and front diff oil change

    My bad. 2002 plate / 225 BAM / 6 speed. 02M.
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    6 speed 4WD gearbox and front diff oil change

    Anybody help on the above ??? :friends: Cheers.
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    Induction kit! Yes or no?

    Best way of cleaning my Jetex? Looked at bit tired so bought a s2000 and its a lot quieter. Best thing, is to go Jetex (blue) 80mm I think (from mem) :)
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    6 speed 4WD gearbox and front diff oil change

    Can we find the actual photo's of the fill hole (on the top) of the 02A 6 speed gearbox please? Easy to get to? Also, fill holes for the rear diff? Would this be on the side? Is a turn of the wheels / 1 minute drive on the road, acceptable (to re-fill the bevel/ front transfer box) once the...
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    Fuel gauge

    I've bought a replacement in tank / "fuel level sender" unit from Ebay recently. £30. Might be that... Best use VAGCOM & scan copying the codes in here for help to be sure. That's what I ended up doing :D
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    Oil grade for high mileage 1.8t

    So according to Castrol UK: Click "Oil selector" right hand side on the link below... Enter your reg... This tells me 0-30w. :sadlike: :wtf: Am I missing something?
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    Oil grade for high mileage 1.8t

    125k 2002 plate, 225 BAM here Stage 2 custom code generic map, (with full supporting mods) running triple QX 5W-30 fully synth here - Bought 1 litre to top up recently after a long trip. Never had a problem. Always used an engine flush "in a can" when changing oil. Had the car 9 years (1...
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    Anybody help with an idiots guide to removing the drivers-side front wing? Need to remove mine / replace as I've recently acquired a new one & will refit new one on the drive. Any specific tool / tips? Thank you. Joe
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    Rear numberplate license lights

    Anybody know? :wrench::blink:
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    Rear numberplate license lights

    Anybody assist on this one please? Thank you.
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    Rear numberplate license lights

    Can somebody help & clarify the size / pitch & length of the screws for the light housing? Gonna buy x4 new ones for when my replacements come :) Thanks chaps Joe
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    audi s3 quattro 2002 225 bhp..........mpg is rubbish

    I'll buy you one, fit it for £250. I'm joking btw. A GRAND!!! :wtf: Jesus. Tell him to GTF!!! :box:
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    audi s3 quattro 2002 225 bhp..........mpg is rubbish

    Mine was mid 20's. Now 35-37 on average. Problem - EGT (on the turbo) Pre cat. £80 approx. Fixed :yahoo: