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  1. Watty

    Front end conversion

    Search for the thread titled below..... it might be of use to you as this was a 2004 S-Line to S3 conversion. If you go for an S3 conversion from a twin front grill, you'll need the correct bumper and match that with a newer single grill bonnet.... --- Single Grill Conversion Done....V6 S3...
  2. Watty

    S3 and S line bumpers....are they The same?

    Check with Audi on part numbers for your car and get details of a 2010 S3 off a mate and do the same. There were differences on the earlier models as lots of people did an S-line to S3 conversion.
  3. Watty

    Wheel wobble/jitter/wriggle/nervousness

    Try and check the inner cv joints for any play as we had the same problems with Sarah's A3 3.2, you can easily check them by holding the drive shaft and physically lifting it up/ down and sideways etc for any small signs of play.
  4. Watty

    hiya from north wales

    Hi adam, Nce clean motor you got there. We lived just down the road from you on the Wirral and spent many happy times in and around Chester.
  5. Watty


    Try someone with vcds and see if it's thrown any fault codes. Check them and clear them and then see.
  6. Watty

    S-line grill removal help!!

    I thought the S3 grill was shorter in height than the S-Line?
  7. Watty

    'Sporty-up' the A6 front bumper.

    I found this one....
  8. Watty

    'Sporty-up' the A6 front bumper.

    Yes, I had the LCR splitter fitted and for only £20 ish, it was worth it, just needs trimming and the ends when fitting. took it off when we shipped the car to Oz and not got round to refitting it yet.
  9. Watty

    A6 cruise control retro fitting

    To answer your bhp question, have a look for the sticker in the boot / spare tyre area, there should be one in your service log book too near the front page. There will be a KW power rating for the engine, simply multiply this figure by 1.341 to give your bhp.
  10. Watty

    3.0 TDI Engine Light on.....

    If you are near Chester, I'd recommend Central VW / Audi. See Simon or Peter and they'll sort you out. Best get it scanned to find the fault code etc.
  11. Watty

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  12. Watty

    a6 c5 problems help please!!

    Hi guys, Can it be recalibrated through Ross Tech/ vcds ??? Also, check the switch in the glove box to make sure it's making contact to illuminate the bulb?
  13. Watty

    2004 A6 Avant - Central locking anomalie

    Hi there, When you say you tried another control module, I take it you took your own out of the black plastic box, in the footwell. Was it dry? Were the connectors corroded at all? I had water in mine and had to clean up the pins/ connectors.
  14. Watty

    Head light wash advice needed

    IIRC, with mine, headlights on of course, It's every second or third squirt, as I hold the stalk for a good squirt. You can easily see it working as you drive along at night as you can see the spray from the lights over the bonnet.
  15. Watty

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  16. Watty

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  17. Watty

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. Watty

    Rear wash wipe

    As above, new jet nozzle required, around £6 from Audi (did you refit your old one?)
  19. Watty

    dog/luggage net removal

    I have a 2002 too, and have just removed mine. Tip your rear seats forward, then slide it off. Can't remember whether its left or right, but it does just slide off, with a little brut force.
  20. Watty

    What's my mirror? flat, convex, wide?

    Hi, I need a replacement N/S mirror glass which is heated, but not sure which to buy. There seems to be 3 types available. Which 1 is best suited or which is original?