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  1. gamegenie

    Park Assist (PLA) Coding

    I necropost here just say, after 4 years, Audi USA finally brought "Park Assist" to the A3 for the 2019 model year.
  2. gamegenie

    Next model A3

    That's the concept Audi TT Sportback shown back in 2015. It's just mere coincidence that artists are using that design speculating on the next A3 look. In reality the real Audi A3 / TT hybrid was the A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept. A shame Audi didn't make that design into the RS3 look.
  3. gamegenie

    Audi MMI DOES play FLAC

    I did not know about this flac, will try to find Laura Branigan music in flac and put on my MMI. Her song has been playing in my head non-stop lately.
  4. gamegenie

    This technology should be an optional feature for every new car !

    I'm circling the shopping cart. I'm trying to find more info on this WiFi and the just released 4G model. I'm wondering if that WiFi will only work if there's WiFi in the area, where as the 4G model might work anywhere. I wish Audi was on this technology already, this would be a huge...
  5. gamegenie

    This technology should be an optional feature for every new car !

    This would catch door dingers by the balls. I wish I had this on my car yesterday, discovering a newly fresh door ding on my passenger door as I finally got up out of bed to go to my car this morning. :blush: What do you think it will take before car manufactures realize, 'yeah why haven't...
  6. gamegenie

    How much do you pay for insurance?

    I'm 34, and I've made the switch from GEICO to Progressive this month after noticing my rates were going to go up after I updated my address. Insurance Premium was at $663.42 was going to go to $715.30 But now that I said hello to Progressive & took their offer of their one lump sum advance...
  7. gamegenie

    Next Gen S3 Spy Shots

    I made an improvement on the next gen A3/S3 look.
  8. gamegenie

    Next Gen S3 Spy Shots

    I like the look of the spy shot S3. It's grill does not look disproportionately large like the current face-lift S3, and A3 with S-line. Nor does it have that ugly smiling lip induct beneath it which has plagued the face-lift S3 and A3 with S-line. I'm sort of not liking how the shape of...
  9. gamegenie

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Got this done yesterday at u-haul Even got the wiring harness. I plan to pull one of these babies.
  10. gamegenie

    Xenon light and cornering lights

    I'm shocked that even the A3 facelift still gets this rare bi-xenon headlamp. I don't get why this was just not standard, what's the point of different versions with it and without.
  11. gamegenie

    Factory fitted towbar
  12. gamegenie

    Factory fitted towbar

    necroing this thread. Was this a European exclusive option? I want this for my A3 sedan.
  13. gamegenie

    8v haldex problem

    I need to do more launch controls and make sure my 2015 A3 Quattro isn't faulty. I'm about 5K miles away from being out of warranty so I better check while the checking is good.
  14. gamegenie

    Check this oot

    It's almost unforgivable how Audi had the right concept for the RS3 sedan when they released the Clubsport, and instead of keeping it in the TT styled look. They just took an S3 body and slapped a different grill and diffuser on it and called it RS3 sedan. But looking past that on the...
  15. gamegenie

    Facelift Seat creasing

    I had my A3 since 2014 and the Chesnut Brown Sports seats are starting to fade away a bit on the bolster on the driver side. Also I notice there's a little bit of buckling on the chrome line trim surrounding the MMI Navigation.
  16. gamegenie

    Facelift S3 Stolen in Liverpool

    I think you S3 owners would be safer living inside an enclosed apartment. It would be much tougher for a perp to break in to steal your keys, they would need entry into the building first, know your floor, then they would need entry into your apartment door. Seems like every thread I read of...
  17. gamegenie

    Stolen S3 Chased Through Bolton

    i thought they could have got out and tried to arrest him at the beginning, but he could have easily took off. The perp is lucky he didn't get shot while fleeing the police.
  18. gamegenie

    Extreme Parking

    It's sad that you really do have to park extreme to avoid door dings. Just discovered I got a new door ding today, must have happened Sunday when I was at the gym for at least 20 minutes and was out of there due to an on-call page. Now I'm going to have to spend hundreds to get this hard...
  19. gamegenie

    Who's going to trade up to the RS3?

    I would be all over the RS3 if it was like this on the outside: and like this on the inside: