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  1. mattyboy199

    Wanted S3 8L lower fog driver grill

    Wanted as title cash waiting.
  2. mattyboy199

    Solar trickle charger?

    Anyone using a solar trickle charger ? Cheap ebay item ok or what? Not using the s3 as much these days and battery tends to struggle
  3. mattyboy199

    Pipewerx 3" Downpipe - My View

    Anyone passed or had issues passing an MOT with a pipewerx sports cat ?
  4. mattyboy199

    Should I replace custom remap with generic

    Not quite sure yet I wanted to put a chinafold on there before a rolling map but been offered a generic map for £200 by the garage installing my hardware. Ultimately would like to get over to badger 5. Dont hear much about jabba sport anymore
  5. mattyboy199

    TT light switch into a S3??

    The Seat switches are the same as an A3 with fogs. But not the soft touch like the S3.
  6. mattyboy199

    Should I replace custom remap with generic

    I'm aware a custom remap is better and hope to eventually get this done but wondering more if I'll have experience running issues with these stage 2 bolt on mods. Fuel trims to me is like Chinese writing
  7. mattyboy199

    Should I replace custom remap with generic

    What about if the map is 12 years old ? I know it's better to have a rolling road map but given the current circumstances...the car is in the garage and to return to jabba or go to anyone else I'm looking at 100mile + round trip. Also should there be any concern running stage 2 bolt in mods on a...
  8. mattyboy199

    ESP off in ice ?

    Yeah it will allow you to go sideways and no traction control
  9. mattyboy199

    ESP off in ice ?

    I disagree in these cars it's fully off ESP that is
  10. mattyboy199

    New S3 (8P) Gearknob

    Also did mine last year. Amazing how expensive these knobs are now
  11. mattyboy199

    Hazzard lights on at startup

    Needs a new siren unit, the battery's have leaked and corroded the circuit board which is why you cant hear the siren.
  12. mattyboy199

    Should I replace custom remap with generic

    The S3 is in the garage with a stage 1 jabbasport rolling road remap approx. 265bhp No known engine health issues. FMIC(airtec), decat (pipeworx), down pipe (pipeworx) and catch can being fitted. It's also had a trackslag boost pipe, miltek cat back, copper plugs and TSFI coils installed since...
  13. mattyboy199

    Audi s3 8L lower door moulding

    They do carbon ones on ebay from Germany I think. The small rear blades were a much better design than the fronts which tend to hold water and rust your doors
  14. mattyboy199

    Wanted Phatnoise DMS Cartridge

    Bit of a long shot but my DMS cartridge has finally given up after approx 12 years so seeking a replacement. Might consider taking a whole system if the price is right.
  15. mattyboy199

    For Sale S3 8L Breaking.

    What condition are the door blades in ?
  16. mattyboy199

    A £150 modification that transforms the car...

    Whats purpose do caster bushes have ? I have the inserts and wondering if i should bother with the.
  17. mattyboy199

    alarm wont shut up

    The siren has a battery back up thats why
  18. mattyboy199

    Facelift rear indicator bulbs

    I use these.
  19. mattyboy199

    temp sensor question

    What cts you buying and where ? Also need one
  20. mattyboy199

    Coolant temp sensor question

    My S3 temp gauge is indicating 120 from cold start and in effect is activating the engine fan. Is the CTS responsible for engine fan activation? Also my last CTS was supposedly genuine and was from poland. Is there an aftermarket one like febi i can rely on ? Thanks Matt