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  1. audicruiser

    Service plan

    Warranty covers the car for things that fail on the vehicle that are not deemed wear and tear. The service plans cover the servicing of the car. A maintainence pack is normally link to a lease vehicle which can cover all servicing including tyres.
  2. audicruiser

    Service plan

    The confusion with the service plans is because they don't give all the facts. If you buy a car without a plan, the car is set to Flexible servicing, so upto to 18,000miles or 2 years. However, if you have a service plan as part of your finance or you pay for it separate, the car will be set to...
  3. audicruiser

    Who's Got The Earliest Uk S3?

    Yes, Bath Audi....
  4. audicruiser

    Who's Got The Earliest Uk S3?

    Our dealership had the first and is now back for sale again on our forecourt for £34k. Reg date was 26/09/2014 WV63ZJZ. Nice spec too if anyone is interested!
  5. audicruiser

    Sd card files

    Sounds like your using the wrong format. The files must be mp3 to get the most capacity.
  6. audicruiser

    Run Flat tyres

    I'm not sure you can fit a RFT tyre to a non designed RFT wheel. I know you can fit a non RFT tyre to a RFT wheel though. The rim lips where the tyre bead sits are slightly thicker to help the tyre stay mounted when ran flat. As a side not Audi Assist is European covered....
  7. audicruiser

    Second hand SD Satnav warning...

    Yes this is true. If your on Fixed servicing then you can reset the service light through the car. You can't however set the flexible regime through the MMI.
  8. audicruiser

    S-line mudflaps

    Audi bike rack can be fitted as long as it has roof rails....
  9. audicruiser

    Sportback Rear Bumper

    Yes, that looks like a Sportback bumper.....
  10. audicruiser

    Rhyso's Posh Golf

    Inlet manifold leaking or cracked was it mate? Common on the 170TDi and not cheap!
  11. audicruiser

    Is this a S3 or s line bumper?

    That's a 8P3 S3 front bumper. The one at the top is an 8P2 S Line bumper.
  12. audicruiser

    Haldex Quattro system

    The maximum drive to the rear wheels using Haldex is 50%. As already stated, in normal driving it is a front wheel drive biased car.
  13. audicruiser

    1.4 CoD engine

    This engine is being revised for MY2015 and the power increased to 150PS....
  14. audicruiser

    Audi Complete with servicing and maintenance - worth it?

    Agree with Dave above, the reason why the Audi Complete doesn't get sold enough is because it isn't cost effective.
  15. audicruiser

    Magnetic Ride on S3 Sedan?

    Magnetic Ride is standard in the UK on the S3 Saloon.... Is that not the case in Turkey??
  16. audicruiser

    LED Brake Lights may actually lead to an increase in rear impacts !

    The US are way behind Europe for road safety. Their traffic police don't even wear any form of high Vis on the freeways....
  17. audicruiser

    Interior lighting option?

    Interior lighting should be standard on at least the S Line and S3 in my opinion.....
  18. audicruiser

    S3 (and sports seats) front seat base leather creases?

    Bit harsh on the SE owners but Nappa leather will generally always crease somewhere as it is a natural product and will flex and wear that way. Agree though, sports seats look better with leather involved!
  19. audicruiser

    LED headlight front glass.

    Dealer should replace the complete headlight under warranty as that shouldn't be in there. you wouldn't except something like that on the screen of a TV so why should you except it on an expensive option like that....
  20. audicruiser

    My New TTRS Alloys 18" in Gloss Black ;)

    Upgrade the rear lights to face lift ones....