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  1. J

    For Sale A3/S3 Saloon Audi Roof bars and bike rack.

    As above, used on my 68Plate S3 Saloon but no longer have the car, bought from Audi. £120
  2. J

    Don't buy new cars if you love sporty racy sounding exhausts

    It really is pants... I do love my S3 Saloon even though it is post WLTP. Still a great car all round for the money IMHO. I’m starting to think that this is my last new car that I’ll be having because there just isnt anything in a similar price band that I want. I’ve been having a look...
  3. J

    Next Gen 2021 Audi A3 Sedan Debut

    I was looking forward to seeing the A3 saloon but Im not massively impressed, the back end of the S3 saloon for me has always been the “best bit”, I kinda feel like they’ve not really put much effort in to this new car, it looks more like a run of the mill A4 saloon where the current A3 saloon...
  4. J

    Next model A3

    I work in car manufacturing, the last 18 months to two years have been bad, this is just another blow, especially if a lot of your market is in China and your other components are from China. Bad times indeed to be in manufacturing IMO.
  5. J

    Next model A3

    Really quite like it, really encouraging and looking forward to seeing the new Saloon.
  6. J

    2021 Audi S3 Hatchback Leaked... Err...

    I quite like it, but then I live the look of the new A4....the bumper is similar to the BMW and Focus IMO, but then I saw my first new 135i at the weekend and that was pretty nice in the flesh. If they've kept the cabin at a similar level of quality and they improve the exhaust noise over these...
  7. J

    Facelift New S3 dash pics

    It looks alright to me, that vent does look a bit out of place. Lets be honest though, the current A3 is a well loved car and the new generation has got big shoes to fill. I've been in a couple different cars this week, as a passenger and driver, of the two Mercedes (67 Eclass & 69 Cclass)...
  8. J

    Facelift Corrosion

    My S3 SB trim opened up there, they did both sides under warranty even though only one side was lifting.
  9. J

    Prospective S3 owner from 320d a BMW 320d

    What's stopping you from having a look for the auction or will they be for registered traders only? It seems to me like he's got quite a bit of wriggle room in his margin if he's willing to have it serviced by Audi and to make sure its pristine. I'd get everything they have agreed to in...
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    Prospective S3 owner from 320d a BMW 320d

    Pretty much of the same opinion as others. Lad I work with has just bought a 67plate M140, I'm in a WLTP S3 Saloon and am imensly jealous of the way his car sounds, I do like the 6 pot in them and I personaly believe that car will hold its money really well now they've decided to go 4 pot. The...
  11. J

    Facelift Regretting purchasing my S3

    I keep thinking like I'm not happy with my car but after a while my mind changes, very fickle of me. Had an A5 as a courtesy car the other day, 40TSFI S line, was properly meh, was very happy to get back in my S3 Saloon. Over Christmas I went up to the west Highlands and put just short of...
  12. J

    Attempted theft of my S3

    Seems to be getting worse if anything. Hyundai I30 (and not the N) for me next :0/ Within in the last three weeks two Fiesta ST's have gone missing from work car parks where I work and where my Mrs works, it looks like they're incredibly easy to pinch, even without keys. I saw the CCTV...
  13. J

    Fun car ideas?

    Little bit over your budget but IMO a nice looking car
  14. J

    Facelift Finally picked up S3, now has to be returned and exhaust sounds meh!

    I believe a res delete improves the sound but I think it will void your warranty on the exhaust. Have mooch over to Youtube or search on here for vids. I'm in a 68plate S3 Saloon which has done about 9.5k miles, I've noticed recently that the exhaust note has improved when warm, more depth to...
  15. J

    S3 2017 suspension noise

    Not sure I can be mithered with the trips to and from the garage when they inevitably bodge something or are unable to find the cause and just says its alright or fixed - I'm not fully committed to the cause just yet :0)
  16. J

    S3 2017 suspension noise

    My 68 plate S3 Saloon "thuds" at the back, I just put it down to very little rubber and hard suspension being the cause?? Maybe I should book it in? It also makes a loud drone when slowly turning, doesn't have to be on full lock either, and then there's the vibration which appears to be coming...
  17. J


    Have you tried the more recent incarnation of the S3? I can make mine step out, but I'd need to be trying, no daft speeds are required but its not that hard, whereas I need to be driving like a plum to get some understeer, and that's on damp roads not dry, never had it on dry roads unless...
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    Facelift Its a Winter Tyre thread!

    Cheer's for those site suggestions, I'll have a mooch. My Dad mentioned something about going smaller (alloy) with high wall to allow for a narrower footprint, that may have opened up my Ebay search criteria :0)
  19. J

    Facelift Its a Winter Tyre thread!

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some winter tyres soon as I'm up in the Highlands over Christmas and New Year (Torridon area) and then off to Europe seeing friends in Jan/Feb so need to be road legal over there. Can anybody recommend somewhere to buy them, been to the usual BlackCircles but was...
  20. J

    Next model A3

    I never realised this until I bought my last car, he showed me how the discount was calculated, returning customer, S model, Quattro, A3 range etc, he was short of his S model target sales so was able to bump that element up a little, he said it also played in to my hands that I cancelled my S3...