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    S4 Avant rear suspension lower mounts ware

    Bit crazy really, I would have expected those to last years, maybe 10 or so. My upper control arm bushings are worn, however I haven't been able to locate a clunk which I’ve been hearing. Just waiting for things to get worse until it reveals itself. I feel as though this car has good...
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    Is my car remapped???

    I’m sure they remap to 320-330hp and 680nm on just a map ...
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    Privacy glass

    Factory is better because it’s acoustic laminated glass when spec’d with the A4. The tint is a very good balance of reducing glare and still being able to see behind at night.
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    Another bye bye A4 thread.

    How is the 5 series, thinking about changing to a 530d or a 530e estate...
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    Dealer AdBlue worth it?

    Find a BP petrol station and full it up, costs about 1£ a litre and there is no messing about with a bottle etc, you fill it up like you do fuel. No mess. You could save £2 probably by buying a bottle etc, and filling it up that way.
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    Is my car remapped???

    Chances are it’s been mapped, 37psi sounds like a lot ... can the stock turbo even do that without blowing up? Take it to a remap shop or measure your fuel injection quantity against stock .
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    To Quattro or not to Quattro!? (2.0 TDI 190)

    I dont see the point in an A4 without Quattro, dont get me wrong the Audi A4 has perks over its competitors - Sound insulation/Looks of an estate but as a FWD car its just overall not as good a drive as its RWD competitors, so my opinion may be biased. Anyway I suppose it depends on your...
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    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    It’s 3 years old now 85k the rearmost uppers have torn on the ns and os the front most uppers have also got a small tear on both sides. Not much movement seen with a fork however there is excessive movement especially the ns under load. However I don’t believe the sound is from them, it sounds...
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    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    Noticed a faint knocking noise has developed over the past week or two. Had a look under and saw this. why do Audis have such rubbish upper control arms.
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    Moving on from A4 - Q3 or Q5?

    If it were me I would get a Q5. Try driving a Q3 and you will understand, it’s noisier less comfortable and plastic feeling compared to the A4. I haven’t tried the most recent Q3 but if it’s anything like the most recent A3 then it’s not as good an the A4 in terms of comfort refinement and...
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    Rust Forming Already???

    Audis are pretty good for paint quality and build, perhaps older Audis are known to have some common corrosion points on the paint, but overall the paint has always been good. I find BMW and Mercedes paint quite poor, they chip easy and don’t have as smooth a finish as VAG group cars. I had a...
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    Cambelt and Water Pump Opinions (TDI 190 16 plate)

    135k miles or 5 years is what Audi uk say. mine has done 85k in just over 2.5 years. was considering cam belt change at 80k as I thought that was the traditional change time. Audi don’t specify a time limit in certain countries, take what you will from that. I probably won’t bother and...
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    Clutch judder

    I used to hold the clutch at bite and whilst travelling around 30mph in 4th Rev the engine to 2k for 10-20 seconds. the clutch didn’t engage fully so the car didn’t speed up too much. Basically skip the clutch. after that the judder would go away for a month or two and come back. It’s...
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    Rust Forming Already???

    That appears dreadful. Have you owned the car since new? Its the sort of stuff you see after a bad paint job, bubbling near any tape off points/trim removal. If not then take it to the dealer, it’s corrosion not rust, hopefully they will do a goodwill gesture and pay some of the costs. I’m...
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    Clutch judder

    I’m sure clutch is classed as a wear and tear item. After 1700 miles I’d imagine the dealer could have some grounds to reject. Hopefully it goes well. If it helps out your mind at ease, my previous A6 had a clutch judder for 50k+ miles and the clutch didn’t go. My current A4 had a gearbox...
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    Aftermarket suspension options

    Might be wrong because I don’t have first hand experience with B4 dampers vs. stock. However aren’t B4’s supposed to be an OE equivalent/ or 10% stiffer? Meaning they are softer than typical lowering kits but equal or slightly firmer than OE. Most reviews I’ve read suggest this is the case...
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    A4 vs S4 ride comfort

    Both the B9 Sport and comfort suspensions are great, immensely better than the B7 and B8. They are firm/have little movement but well damped. Basically great high speed ride, not so great around town. Buy a car with air suspension if you’re really fussy and want a waftmobile, they are in a...
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    LED Leveling

    This is normal.
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    Best Wiper Blade

    The guy testing said he would leave them on the roof for a year to expose them to UV/ Elements and see how they fared, such enough he was true to his world and uploaded another video. In the end he recommended Bosch Aero, as they were relatively much cheaper although the Michelin’s were...
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    Best Wiper Blade

    Just found the video which I remember watching when I was looking into this. It is my reference for why I mentioned the Michelin ones above to be better. Video speaks for itself, very objective. The guy in the video is known to be as fair as possible.