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    Water Methanol Injection kits

    Anyone running a meth kit on their S1? after this weekend my S1's first dyno day at Awesome GTI she managed 383hp / 386lbft - 291.25hp per tonne. now they said i had 6 or .6 degrees of advance timing. (will be confirming this once logs come over). and then ill be leasing with Revo HQ to...
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    Anyone recommend a good Wax

    I personally think they’re a gimmic and just a selling strategy. Ceramic is hard, wax is soft, both repel each other. Mixing the two is pointless and you gain no Benifit over the likes of autoglym hd wax in terms of durability. You put wax ontop of a ceramic coated car and wash it that wax...
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    Clay Cloths

    Wouldnt touch a mitt ever, Had a customer clay mitt his evo and i clay barred it and got more off than he did with the Mitt...
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    Detailing recommendations for East Cheshire

    I second this too, i know the gents up their and ive trained with and alongside them numerous times :).
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    Anyone recommend a good Wax

    Nanolex Hybrid wax, so far for me is by far the best wax for both Durability and Gloss levels. It outshines and lasts longer than the so called "ceramic waxs" on the market.
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    End of S1 fun

    Dont know how you do it :p my s1 is 400hp and ive not even come close to looosing my licence yet *touches wood*. you will find yourself going just as quick in a less powered car more often due to not having the power there. i do it all the time. i jump in my van thinking yeah i got the power...
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    Welcome to OCDetails our New Site Sponsor.

    Thanks Sandra, I also have a website here: HTTPs:\\, along with other social media. please dont hesitate to contact me for any information or needs. Kind Regards, Jay
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    Ghost imobi

    Can someone tell me if insurance companys reduce costs on premiums if you have this installed ?
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I got a full sline kit you can have for the price of two springs?
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    S1 Oil Catch can from Mk7 Gti/R

    Honestly im not sure tbh, but id rather keep it clean as possible inside as im about to go to revo stage 3+ map from stage 2
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    S1 Oil Catch can from Mk7 Gti/R

    im sure i can fabricate something up that's more suitable :) cheers for the info - ive ordered the last one :D
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    S1 Oil Catch can from Mk7 Gti/R

    i would keep the cover yes not fussed about trimming at the front for the pipes though. i have the Revo intake system so could mount it to the side of that potentialy?
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    S1 Oil Catch can from Mk7 Gti/R

    I contacted VRS Northampton about this kit here: and they quoted "we can make it fit"... didn't give me any confidence what so ever. it's spec'd for the gen 3 A888 engine...
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    100 PCD Performance rear discs.

    As above. Tarox do a brilliant kit. ive just purchased both front and rear including upgrade front calipers :D
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    new owner - mudflaps

    Might be worth looking up Polo GTI mudflaps (potentially they may fit)
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    Audi S1 - Mag Ride top mount removal

    They're plug and play arent they? i removed mine with no issues atall.
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    DTYME83 S1 Thread

    Looking forward to the end product :D going higher ? or staying around the 500 mark?
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    Audi paint v Bird poo

    This is the joys of Gtechniq :p, it will only last their times stated as long as you stick by their Terms to make it last which are outrageous terms to be keeping up with. I would say you need to get a better Ceramic like Nanolex Si3d / HD and then put a hard wax on top as a barrier layer to...
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    Wheel alignment

    Yeah when driving im constantly having to pull the right side down about half an inch to stop the car turning left into the curb. i will get to the bottom of it soon as im sticking tarox brakes on and replacing the ***** H&R coilovers soon
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    Chris Knotts have finally Failed me :(

    I understand :) but your going to be missing out on all S1 owners insurance that remaps their cars as stage 1 is over a 100hp gain, stage 2 is another 30Hp on top of that. so basically your underwriter is putting you out of business realistically. stage 1 revo -...