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  1. nervus

    Back again..

    I have an RS5 Carbon Ed and had to replace a piece of cracked carbon - I think you'll need a lie down if you get a price for all of the interior parts. Got to be £5k!
  2. nervus

    Engine bay dress up

    They are factory holes for access but the factory plugs have slots in them and the **** get in...
  3. nervus

    Racing line paddles

    Of corse, I feel string-backed gloves just give a little extra purchase...
  4. nervus

    Racing line paddles

    They are made by Racing Line. Quality is flawless. TAW customs do a similar Carbon version which look nicer but they use the standard plastic Paddle and graft on so its still flexy. These are very positive and the fit and feel is rifle bolt precision engineering.
  5. nervus

    Racing line paddles

    They really are, they make you want to use them! If anyone wants any advice on fitting just pm me.. its daunting but not difficult!
  6. nervus

    Engine bay dress up

    I'm now hanging out in here as the RS5 page is a ghost town, probably as a result of the low numbers sold. I don't know if A5/ S5 is the same as the RS but i've been bugged since day one with the plastic plugs on the top of the shock towers. They have holes in them and let all the **** from the...
  7. nervus

    Racing line paddles

    Hi, I finally got around to fitting these paddles. Major improvement over the factory plastic parts in my opinion:
  8. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    The belts were changed prior to the problems as a new smaller Forge S/C Pulley kit. It looks like it was the Thermostat as the water pump was the metal type and in good order. However, the S/C has to come off to get access to both parts so for most of the invoice being labour it made sense to...
  9. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    Sorted thanks for the input. Swapped both the Water pump (metal) and the Thermostat which has resolved the problem. No point not swapping both while the front of the car was off!
  10. nervus

    2020 RS5

    I love the Blue launch colour and think it looks too similar to the PFL to justify swapping into. Pricing will be crazy too to near replicate my current specification. The post WLTP approach of pre-loading spec into a 'Sport', 'Vorsprung' model etc prevents you tailoring your ideal mix of all...
  11. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    Thanks guys, Its being looked at today!
  12. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    Thanks for the quick reply NHN
  13. nervus

    B8 S4 - Water Temp problems

    Hi, Just got a 2009 s4 and had the Pulley and Belts changed and a mild map to 450hp. within a week, i've seen the water temperature rise above half way last night and only got it down by ramping the heating on max. The fans run constantly, and the coolant level is brim full in the bottle when...
  14. nervus

    2019 RS5 Sport Edition - Oil Type & usage?

    I've done 6k miles. Changed the oil at 1k then again in the annual service in September. Mine hasn't consumed any at all so far. Topped up to full and has remained there... I use same as Evil 0w/30 Shell Helix Ultra as couldn't find another 0w/30 VW504. available. Theres a few VW504. 5w/30 oils...
  15. nervus

    New upcoming RS6?

    Lets hope its open to configuration. The S6/7 options are between a rock and a hard place. If you want the Black exterior pack you have to have faux Wooden interior inserts. If you don't want the cheap laminate flooring trim you have to have the non-vorsprung model and rock chrome trimmed...
  16. nervus

    Another Idiot Driver

    On a recent speed awareness patronising session, A guy raised this exact scenario. The lady leading the course said it is perfectly legal to pass on the inside if it is free and the driver in the passing lane is not already driving at the speed limit! Not what I was taught but she maintained...
  17. nervus

    B9 RS4 Avant Sport Edition Winter Wheels

    This should help:
  18. nervus

    Interior lighting contour lines

    You can set it up in the MMI> Car>Interior background lighting and Line lighting or similar! Mine has the multicolored interior light package so you can change the colour and intensity! I'd imagine if you're getting a red stripe when locking and unlocking you'll be able to set it on/ off etc in...
  19. nervus

    Pfl rs5 Vs FL rs5 help.

    I must have missed the facelift? What is different? thought they only changed the badges to black and took away some options and forced upon others! No car on roof, no carbon trims, no full leather, no matrix lights etc!
  20. nervus

    Paddle extenders?

    The Taw Chicago replacement paddles are the only ones which don't look they're from a Chinese night market!