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    Considering b8 s5 3.0 convertible , did anyone else consider one and ended up with the 3.0 tdi?

    Must have s tronic, heated seats and nav; and tempted by the convertible Budget will mean early models, £10k entry models meaning probably about 100k. Seen some indi dealers about £11k example s5, so with some negotiating or a private one I hope next year should see some examples in budget...
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    Lowering Spring advice

    I don’t think 20mm drop will be really noticeable?
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    HELP Advice re prospective S5 purchase.

    They had a nice blue one before The new owner is on Facebook pages My budget doesn’t allow but I would like a s5 convertible What others have you seen or good research? What is the s tronic service interval, time or distant?
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    Buying advice...

    I prefer the white and red combo as my own preference Not looked on spec and price difference No sat Nav as mentioned above would be harder to shift I would imagine
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    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    Thanks I may consider early 3.0t s5 convertibles next year. High mileage won’t bother me, as long it’s a good example
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    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    Thanks Were there mechanical or electrical updates from b8 to b8.5?
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    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    DL501, is this the s Tronic gearbox What year was the b8 and b8.5?
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    Buying an S5 (3.0 V6) - what options would you have?

    What does drive select options offer? I’ve seen some with these 3 buttons on centre console and some without
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    S5 3.0tfsi intake wanted

    Any pictures?
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    S5 remap & parts recommendations (B8 3.0 V6T)

    Any further updates on links to parts and prices of parts and labour ?
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    How reliable are cvt in the a5?

    I remember when looking at older a4 the cvt or multitronics were troublesome and advice was best leave them alone. I know the like of Toyota use cvt and are apparently awesome and reliable kit; is the a5 cvt in the same bracket now ?
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    S4 Cabrio, is this the best replacement for my kit car? What do I need to know?

    Above reply is a very good reply As long as you're not after a "fun" drive car then it ticks a lot of boxes It's a very nice car but with me as well only averaging 14mpg it really was one the main running issues. I didn't want to spend any money on upgrades but it 100% needs an exhaust upgrade...
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    Pioneer avh-8400bt how to mirror iphone 5?

    Thanks Just mirror mode would be good as plan to run dashcommand and be good to view on headunit
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    Pioneer avh-8400bt how to mirror iphone 5?

    I have this How can I mirror my iphone 5
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    S4 Soft tops

    Clinical is a good word to describe the s4 now I feel But that's personal opinion And depends what you have experienced before Please OP don't let this put you off, try one. The guy I sold mine too loved it on an hour+ test drive. He was only going to use it at weekend though as he lives in London
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    S4 Soft tops

    That's a good call I didn't realise sport mode was 5 gears only when I started with playing with the paddles Personally tiptronic worked well on this car and would imagine if I had in manual I would have got on with it even less
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    S4 Soft tops

    You're kind of right there, it was never exciting. I too had a diesel pushing those figures at the time from a BMW 35d remapped :) Saying that it's not all about power figures, as more doesn't mean more fun S4 for me was never engaging
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    S4 Soft tops

    I had one Same thinking as you You get a lot of car for your money I didn't keep mine for long, mainly of low mpg on a daily commute was getting to me and if I was to keep it, was going to be a money pit as it needs an aftermarket exhaust and some wear and tear items will need looking at to...
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    Bye bye s4

    Mike B Yes a win win for all parties :)
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    Bye bye s4

    Brilliant car it was as I said But £8k less vat is £6.67k not £6k As for the 3.0 version, it doesn't have the "s" icon so not really comparable