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  1. J

    Rear number plate lights - 1 not working

    Hi, my left hand number plate light doesn't work. Should i have a dash warning telling me this, as I haven't had one? Also does anyone know part numbers so i can get a pair of new ones or a decent not to bright alternative? Thanks J
  2. J

    After 2 weeks of ownership.

    I've read a few things saying the 3.0tfsi can get through a bit of oil. Think i've done about 1000 miles in mine now and topped up once, not sure if it was at max when i picked it up though?!
  3. J

    Collected my new to me A6

    WOT = wide open throttle. Posh word for flooring it! Yeah a remap is very tempting, but im going to run mine as is for a bit and see if anything breaks or needs sorting.
  4. J

    Collected my new to me A6

    Liking it, looks just like my new to me (6 weeks ago) 3.0tfsi avant. They are a bit of a weapon if you go WOT! Is it aventurine blue (spelling?!)
  5. J

    Tfsi Avant tiptronic Info...

    well today, i have been using 'N' when you know you are stationary for a bit, think thats the habit im going to learn. Also...... Can you shift from 'D' to 'S' while moving? I had a bwm try it on and wanted the higher revs but unsure if this is ok?
  6. J

    Tfsi Avant tiptronic Info...

    Hi, new owner of a c6 tfsi avant. Never owned an auto before so after some opinions please. Whats the most mechanically friendly way for the gearbox while waiting in traffic?? Put in 'N' or 'P' or just hold brake in 'D' ?! Any help appreciated!
  7. J

    1.8t bex coil pack part number (urgent!)

    Hi all, got a misfire on the way home from work and engine light, quick scan showed misfire on number 1 cylinder so im thinking coil pack? So i have some coils in the shed for a 2.0L fsi vw touran pt no- 07k905715f. Will these work on my a4 1.8t 190?? Dont want to lose a days pay tommorow...
  8. J

    1.8 Tfsi enquiry....

    Hi all, just wondering if i get an 1.8 tfsi A3 on a 08/09 plate, am i looking at oil comsuption trouble? I have been keeping an eye on A4's with the petrol engines of the same era and it seems they all have flawed piston rings! Really like the A3 and dont need or want a diesel but need some...
  9. J

    Bonnet bra

    Dont get the hump mate please! Bonnet bra's are not to everyones taste, but I appreciate they serve a purpose. They protect the front end from stone chips ect....? I have no advice to your question but im sure someone has on here. But....... Car bra's are there to be ripped the p1ss out of...
  10. J

    A3 2.0t dsg or manual?

    @JDP..... Granted, flappy paddles probably are a bit gimmicky, but think id end up a bit gutted if i didnt have them! Good to hear your missus gets on with dsg, maybe there is hope for my missus too! She changes gear way too much in a manual anyway so auto seems the way to go for her!!
  11. J

    A3 2.0t dsg or manual?

    Cheers Pburv, would definitely be petrol we are after, not massively convinced on diesel economy unless doing spaceship mileage! Thanks for bigging up Dsg.... This is what i need to here!! :music:
  12. J

    A3 2.0t dsg or manual?

    thanks for the reply mate, so how do i figure out what specs the flappy paddles? Quattro only thing maybe?
  13. J

    A3 2.0t dsg or manual?

    Hi, A4 owner here! Thinking of getting an A3 2.0t for the wife to replace her mk4 gti. Around the 5.5k price range. Neither of us have ever owned an auto box car before but both like the idea of it, fed up of changing gear ha! Anyway, are the fwd auto boxes the same as quattro ones? Do they...
  14. J

    Drivers side window wont open

    Hi, i had similar problem with my windows. When you operate the switches, the window sounds jammed. I had a bad switch. To check, try dropping the windows with the remote key fob. As in push and hold the 'unlock' button. If the windows drop all the way down you have a faulty switch! Just an...
  15. J

    Electric window master switch pt#?

    Hope it helps mate! Took me about 25 mins to change it over!
  16. J

    Electric window master switch pt#?

    So, new switch fitted and both windows working perfecly now thank f**k!! Even the 'one touch' function now works, where it didnt before! For people searching for similar answers to me, here is a pic of the part number and part. ~£26 from TPS. car is a b6 a4 2004. (Old part in pic)
  17. J

    16400/P0016/000022 - Bank 1: Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incorrect C

    Sounds like your crank sensor is shot! Replaced it on a b5 and b6, not too much bother. Not sure on a b8 though! Any symptoms or car not running right?
  18. J

    Electric window master switch pt#?

    Nice offer mate thanks, but picked up a new one today from tps for £26!! After i get round to fitting it and seeing if all works as it should ill post up pics of item and part number for future reference! Again, very nice offer thankyou!
  19. J

    Electric window master switch pt#?

    Hi all, im after the drivers door electric window switch. It only operates the front windows, so just 2 buttons, not 4. Does anyone know the part number? Or know if a switch from another model will fit..... Or even have one for sale?!! Many thanks.