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  1. AndyMac

    A4 saloon - getting good bass from boxed sub in sealed boot?!

    The one difference being a ported enclosure is tuned and the back wave has to travel a defined distance before it reaches the hole, somehow I don't think the boot of an A4 is tuned! So "simplicity and best sound quality you cannot beat a sealed enclosure " - think that's essentially what I said...
  2. AndyMac

    A4 saloon - getting good bass from boxed sub in sealed boot?!

    Haha, always makes me laugh when people talk about infinite baffle - as the name suggests it doesn't actually exist unless you have an infinately large piece of MDF, or to get round this impracticality you fold the baffle round the back of the speaker, which I think is then called a sealed...
  3. AndyMac

    A4 saloon - getting good bass from boxed sub in sealed boot?!

    Subwoofers only work in a sealed or ported enclosure with the correct internal volume. They definately don't work hanging from the rear shelf in free air - the boot area is not a sealed enclosure I had a 10" Alpine in a ported enclosure running with a 400wrms amp and never had any issues with...
  4. AndyMac

    A4 saloon - getting good bass from boxed sub in sealed boot?!

    There's more than enough leaks from the boot area to easily let through the bass, you might just need a little more power than a hatchback is all. Normal wedge enclosure up against the seat backs firing to the rear is fine. I found the sound was actually much tighter with a semi sealed boot than...
  5. AndyMac

    Endless problems and already cost me 2k in 5 months - and still issues :(

    That's low mileage cars for you - very hard on all the mechanicals
  6. AndyMac

    Head Unit/Ipod Integration Woe :(

    What line out connector did your dad try to install? Sounds like he fried the HU with whatever it was as there is no adapter available that I am aware of that will provide this while keeping the Bose amp connected. You need to tap into the Bose loom at the Bose amp if want to continue using the...
  7. AndyMac

    Stale /musty smell from air vents

    This usually only happens when you run the car through the winter in ECON mode. The climate control should be left on all year round, not just when its hot. It is climate control not aircon. If it's turned off for long periods the rubber seals dry out and crack and start to leak, plus you get...
  8. AndyMac

    Sub woofer question

    Yes of course you can - you'd need to ensure you feed them with the same signal, not left to one and right to the other but left & right to both
  9. AndyMac

    Alloys question.

    As said his are 17" so most likely replicas
  10. AndyMac

    A3 8l Bose - Replacing front speakers

    The Bose front speakers are actually 1 to 1.5 ohms. If there's nothing wrong with the Bose units then I would stick with them. Anything you fit will require adapters and they will be 30% higher impedance so the Bose amp will have to work a lot harder to power them with no discernible improvement...
  11. AndyMac

    Ipod in via cd changer input but no changer fitted - will the head unit see the ipod?

    Yes but you'll need £30 of adapters to fit the Alpine
  12. AndyMac

    Alloys question.

    Doubt they are OEM Ronals as they were only available in 18" with 112x5 PCD as per original B5 RS4. They were really soft as well and prone to buckiling. OEM Ronal 17's were mainly from TT's which use 5 x 110 so wouldn't fit a B6
  13. AndyMac

    Alloys question.

    PCD on the B6 is 5 x 112 Those are old style RS4 replica's I think 18" RS6's suit the B6 far better - far easier to clean as well!
  14. AndyMac

    Concert 1 Aux Cable

    No you don't even need a CD changer, the connects2 fools the HU into thinking a changer is connected so allows access to the audio in via the changer port. If you have a changer then you can switch between the 2
  15. AndyMac

    Concert 1 Aux Cable

    That adapter won't actually work with anything. It is the blue CDC section of the mini ISO (rather than quadlock) but without any electronics in between the HU won't recognise that a CD changer is connected so won't allow you to select it as a Source. How do people get away with selling this shyte?
  16. AndyMac

    Car battery replacement

    Get it from GSF if you have one local - they will check it's the correct one as well as being very reasonable priced - should be about £80
  17. AndyMac

    concert stereo 2 problem

    You have an ISO Concert 2 and that's a Quadlock Connects2 adapter. It's the wrong one, you need the ISO version.
  18. AndyMac

    Help with correct lead for replacing rear amp only

    On most 4 ch amps you can set the input mode so that the ch 1 & 2 input also feed ch 3 & 4, if not then just use Y splitters If you have an aftermarket HU then you can simply rewire the rears to the HU and use a 2ch or mono amp just for the sub
  19. AndyMac

    Does anybody know how to get this off my front window screen ?

    Heat it up with a heat gun the use dental floss to saw it off
  20. AndyMac

    Help with correct lead for replacing rear amp only

    No there is no OTS adapter, just strip the end off an RCA lead and solder small blade terminals to the left, right, screen and remote and then plug these into the Audi plug. Avoids hacking the stock wiring. You will need a 4channel amp if you want to keep the rears