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  1. dp_motley

    Looking for side skirts

    I wish there were RS3-looking side skirts made for an A3/S3.
  2. dp_motley

    Wheel fitment

    8J ET40 is flush with the fender on a sportback. If you have a saloon/sedan, you can get lower offset. On this picture: my sportback on 235/35/19x8 ET40.
  3. dp_motley

    Tinting front windows to match rears - what % ?

    I do not have the privacy glass. I have fronts tinted 70%, rears 45%. I did it to avoid too obvious difference between the rears and the fronts. 45% is much lighter than the privacy glass looks. I saw 20% tint and it looked darker than the privacy glass, so I guess 35% would be a close match. If...
  4. dp_motley

    How to get metal accelerator pedal on?

    I used nothing. There's a certain way to fitting them. I watched a youtube video that shows it. It was not easy and I swore like a sailor but managed to make the job done.
  5. dp_motley

    How to un-code steering wheel heating?

    Hey everyone. I recently replaced my heated steering wheel with a FBSW with paddles. Now, obviously, I see a steering wheel heating error every time I turn on the ignition. I'd like to remove it from the system. Does anyone know how? I don't own a VCDS cable but I have OBDeleven. It would help a...
  6. dp_motley

    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    I can't say about the saloon bumper/diffuser, but removing the s-line diffuser on my FL sportback took just a few minutes. I didn't remove the bumper.
  7. dp_motley

    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    Sorry, something happened to the link. Try again the links below. Matte: Gloss:
  8. dp_motley

    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    Check out Rieger Tuning. They have plenty of options for your car.
  9. dp_motley

    Aftermarket exhausts for 1.8 TFSI non-existent?!

    I have this one: The TFSI is an Audi's name for the VW's TSI :)
  10. dp_motley

    8P3 Headlight Wash Retrofit Thread

    I got everything working. I don't remember the details, sorry. But I remember that I bought all parts/cables at Kufatec.
  11. dp_motley

    Eibach Pro Kit Fitted

    You did the right thing :) Your passat will look great!
  12. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    Do the springs remain on the top all the time? Mine move half way down.
  13. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    I didn't because I live in Denmark ;)
  14. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    I'll see what can be done when it's warmer outside.
  15. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    I received them within a week and fitted already. The fitment was very easy and took a few minutes. They function exactly as advertised. Closing the boot isn't hard. You need just remember to push it down a little faster at the last 20-30 cm. Opening isn't too sudden, so your face wont be hit if...
  16. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    I just bought the Polish ones :)
  17. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    How does closing of the boot feel? Can an average strength woman close it?
  18. dp_motley

    Please share your 1.5/35TFSI dyno graph - stock and re-mapped, plz

    Hello. My car was re-mapped (ECU and TCU) last summer. There was no dyno at the dealers who flashed a new map from a reputable local (DK) supplier. The car felt more alive, but I expected more torque in low-mid range of revs. Also I liked numbers so I ran a dyno test later and was disappointed...
  19. dp_motley

    automatic boot opening

    These Polish struts are out of stock currently. I had them on my watch list for a while. Did you manage to fit them yet?
  20. dp_motley

    Front Splitter for the Audi Facelift 8V A3(SL)/S3 by Method Effects

    Can you offer a different/cheaper shipping method than DHL? I see you have a discount price right now, but the shipping to Denmark is insane $266 :(