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    Formula one 2013

    As for the championship this year, I think it will be Alonso, he deserved it last time round but was unlucky, he out-drove the car all the time. But I will be routing for Kimi this year, be great to see him clinch another Title.
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    Formula one 2013

    Just copying over what i've wrote in the other thread but adding a bit more. Hamilton not really in much contention for the title but in 2014 I think he may start to come into his own with the rule changes. Be nice to see how good of a driver Nico Rosberg is now he's paired with Hamilton. I...
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    jenson button or lewis hamilton for formula 1 season 2013

    Jenson, simply because he has the better car, think things will change in the 2014 season though. Be nice to see how good of a driver Nico Rosberg is now he's paired with Hamilton. I also think Perez will actually out-drive Button this year. Can Also see Hulkenberg picking up a podium or two...
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    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN league 2013

    A total revamp of my team this year, finally dropped Rosberg and Alonso. So in with the new...teamTDI teamTDI PTS Raikkonen 0 Hulkenberg 0 McLaren 0 Renault 0 'Joker' - Indian Grand Prix 0 Bonus 3 Total 3
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    Fantasy Formula 1

    Dropped to joint 3rd after a bad week, still pretty close near the top though.
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    Fantasy Formula 1

    Happy I'm still holding 2nd
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    F1 Season 2012

    Nice to see redbull not on the front row, only managed to catch q3 due to being at work. Nice mix up of cars in the top 10. But the big question-Ferrari-WTF? Very poor IMO. Also goes to show the practice is nothing to go by.
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    Fantasy Formula 1

    Request sent jacktdi
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    Quick Detail on the new Green Goblin S3

    That is gorgeous, love your plate as well :D
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    I like them, think they suit Audi's perfectly, top marks.
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    Audi A4 1.9 TDI - Temperature never reaches 90 Degrees

    Mine's always set at 18c, unless in winter when it's really cold I'll put it to 21c.
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    Fantasy Formula 1

    I've registered again, is our mini-league up and running yet?
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    What alloys?

    Will keep a eye out for a decent set or rs4 or rs6 alloys, quite like the newer style rs4 alloys as well so going to keep those in mind as well. New wheels and get the lowers painted on my car should have it looking a bit more up to date I think.
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    What alloys?

    Not to bothered about them being OEM, as long as the reps look good enough they will do me. Been having a look at the 9 spoke rs4 alloys, 5 spoke rs6 alloys, seem to be quite a lot of these about, not sure which to go with though.
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    What alloys?

    Yeah I love Avus alloys, the 18s that come from the S4 look great but as you said they are expensive and seem to be very rare, only the 17" version seems to come up.
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    Audi A4 1.9 TDI - Temperature never reaches 90 Degrees

    It's just behind the alternator, you don't have to remove the alternator to change it, did mine awhile back, 20mins to do. The above guide is very good, can't get much cleaner then that.
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    What alloys?

    I'm after a set of 18s, my A4 Avant. Not to keen on the sport 17s and I think some 18s would make the car look a bit fresher and up to date. Wanting some Audi wheels, doesn't matter if they are reps and I will be getting a used set. Got around £250 to spend on some, then I'm hoping I can get...
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    Snow foam

    Did you put a weak dilution of snow foam in? If it's to weak it won't foam up really well.
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    Detail with Celeste Dettaglio on my A4-Just a few pics

    I was lucky enough to win the best reflection competition set by Juicy Jen@juicydetailing, I won a pot of Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio. Products used: Karcher pressure washer Autobrite foam lance and snow foam DodoJuice Supernatural sponge Autoglym bodywash Large drying towel Roll up and...
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    List of cheap or free mods

    De-badgeing. Just need hair dryer, some glue remover and some polish.