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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    **** yeah forgot to put the details down. Have done a parts request. Cheers. it’s for a B9 coupe.
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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    Bump. Was hoping to get it fixed under warranty but wasn’t covered.
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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    The LED strip light in my cill doesn’t work. Anyone know the part number for it? Is it easy to change?
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    Door cill light failure.

    Had them look at it whilst in for a service, not covered under the extended warranty.
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    Best Loan / Courtesey cars you’ve had?

    A6 avant. ****** loved it.
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    De-Chroming the A5!

    Haven't got round to doing it yet, the rest of the car needs a clean.
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    De-Chroming the A5!

    Just had my window surrounds done, ****** love it. Looks so damn good.
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    B9 satnav settings.

    My satnav takes me down little country lanes when there is a better route on a main road. My old A5 would have taken me down the main road. what settings do I need to avoid lanes and dirt tracks where possible? The manual was unhelpful.
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    MMI crashed today!

    The adaptive cruise uses it for reading speed signs and the maps I think.
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    MMI crashed today!

    Did anyone ever get to the root of this problem, mine will crash all the time now. Audi can’t look at it for a few weeks.
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    Audi UTR (oem) retrofit

    I’ve had a few BlackVues, generally really good.
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    Thats a lot of wedge. What sort of figures would that get you?
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    Audi money pot

    Thought you’d spelt pit wrong when I first saw the title.
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    They’re just outside Stroud, a few minutes from the M5.
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    I’ll be going to TRD for mine, when the time comes. Think it’s a little more expensive but the quality of their work when I had my old TT done was beyond reproach. No rolling road on-site though.
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    stick with continental or go with PS4s?

    Has the price of tyres gone up during lockdown, sure I saw about 30% less when I first got my car in February.
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    New order - 2020 A5 Sportback Sline - Rock Grey trim?

    I've got this interior, love it.
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    Which options would you prioritise

    When I had my old A5, I always regretted not holding out for adaptive cruise, I've got it on my new one and I really like it. I think it's hard to find on the mk1 though.
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    Setting Destination in the App.

    Cheers both, pretty pointless then.
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    Setting Destination in the App.

    I've set destination in the App and then sent to the car, I get a success message. But then there's nothing on the car, should it just have the destination set as soon as I get in the car?