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    1.8tfsi opinions/reviews

    I've had a 1.8TFSI quattro DSG since I bought it new in 2014 and it's honestly the best car I've ever owned. I remain convinced that it is real-world quicker than the Civic Type-R that it replaced.
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    Squeaking Noise

    I had a similar thing on my previous Civic Type-R. I took out the brake pads and re-did the copperslip grease and all was quiet after that.
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    Replacement Key

    Ouch! Although that post does say £260 and it was only two years ago. Still ouch.
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    Replacement Key

    How much is a replacement standard keyfob including cutting and coding these days? I seem to have put my spare in a safe place. A very, very safe place.
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    New front brakes scraping sound

    Ignore my now deleted comments if you saw them - it's clear from T1000's photo that the pad is in correctly.
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    Audi a3 2014 wheels

    I have those wheels on my 2014 A3 - from factory they're silver, these have just been painted. They were called '17" x 7.5J 5-arm Kinetic Design'. Audi code was CJ1. See second line, first left on this pic.
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    What is the cause of this noise over speed bumps ?

    Audi only changed the noisy one on mine.
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    What is the cause of this noise over speed bumps ?

    Sorry, I've no idea. It was a warranty job within a few weeks of delivery, so I never even saw any paperwork.
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    What is the cause of this noise over speed bumps ?

    Yeah, almost certainly. It's a known fault, mine had it out of the factory in 2014, changed out under warranty and perfect since. I found that if I popped the bonnet and got my girlfriend to turn the wheel lock to lock (with the engine running), I was very easily able to locate the problem to...
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    2020 S3 (8Y) cockpit & layout - I'm NOT SURE!!

    I really don't like how angular it all is, particularly the air vent pods. It looks aggressive but not in a good way. The curves and circular air vents of the 8V are much nice, IMO.
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    Audi A3 2016 Emissions Control Light Flashing + Start/Stop not available?

    Check the state of your battery. If it's the original one it may be failing, which can cause these sorts of issues. After changing my battery last year, the dashboard was initially lit up like a Christmas tree with loads of warnings about systems being offline, which mostly vanished after a few...
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    Turbo whine

    I would take it to either Audi or a turbo specialist. The absolutely last thing you want to happen is a turbine bearing to fail and the impeller smash itself to bits and throw chunks of metal into your engine...
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    Lightbulbs H7 WTF!!

    The H7's are a right pain, but once you get the knack they're really easy. You have to put them in with the tab facing about the 5 o-clock position and then give them a small turn to lock them in. First time I did it it took me half an hour, much swearing and skinned knuckles. Last time it took...
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    25% service plan discount

    I picked up this service plan today as mine is going in soon. Although my 14 plate has only done 23K, they said that they advised a Haldex service every six years, so they're doing mine in a fortnight along with the main service.
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    Tyre Advice for PFL A3 S-Line

    I'm really surprised that people are commenting that the Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 5s are a noisy tyre, as they are hugely quieter than the OEM Contis that came fitted from the factory in my experience. Maybe a consequence of moving from worn tyres to brand-new, but it made a hell of a positive...
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    Tyre Advice for PFL A3 S-Line

    I did an all wheel change from the OEM Contis to Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 last year and the reduction in road noise was huge! Definitely recommend.
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    Did lightning ruin my car?!

    I'll tell you one thing it will do: make all the lights on your dashboard light up, accompanied by myriad warnings about systems being unavailable. At this point, don't panic - just go for a drive and everything will reset. :)
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    A3 saloon - Left rear inner sidelight not working

    I don't, I'm afraid - I was just basing my comments on basic electronic fault finding. However, as you've just noticed that another element is also out, you need to discount the possibility that it's this LED that has gone short and is pulling the other down with it.
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    A3 saloon - Left rear inner sidelight not working

    Does the wire that reads 2V do that with both the bulb in and out of circuit? If it goes up to 12V with the bulb out of the socket, it does sound like a high resistance in the wire. If it stays at 2V, it may well indicate a failure of the lamp driver in the lighting module.
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    Steering Noise on Roundabouts (S3 8V PFL)

    Do you get a groaning sound driving slowly over speedbumps as well? When one of my front strut top bearings was knackered, one of the symptoms was noise going from lock to lock on the steering when parked. It was really obvious when I listened under the bonnet and got someone to turn the wheel...