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    Minor nuisances / quirks

    On my 2018 RS3 the mpg bar graph drops to the end of its range and lights up a green battery icon. This indicates that the alternator is charging and because it does this while coasting there is no drain in power. Normally the alternator is not charging because it is not engaged (freewheels)...
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    Audi actually has equipped the RS3 with a reverse stagger set up. A reverse stagger puts the wider tyres on the front, while a regular stagger puts the wider tyres on the rear. As far as I know, this is the first time any car company has used a reverse stagger. Bigger tyres on the front help...
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    255 front 235 rear?

    Yes, you are correct. Since I changed to 18" wheels (OEMs were 19s) I had to purchase new aftermarket wheels. For the front I got 8.5 inch wheels (for the 255 tyres) and 8 inch wheels for the rear (for the 235 tyres).
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    Drive modes and valve controllers? Some deep thoughts...

    The car always starts up in Comfort. It says Dynamic on the dash, but it is not in Dynamic. My car is stock and I see no reason for a controller. When you select Dynamic (stock car) the valve opens and the car always makes more noise than Comfort. I found that selecting Individual exhaust...
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    Touch Up Paint.

    Every colour batch is going to be slightly different. You can go to a paint specialist and have them mix up a small quantity of paint that will be perfect. The specialist will have every batch (there could be more than a dozen) that Audi has made. You can pick which batch matches your car...
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    RS3 - Seat Belt Tensioner Fault or Potential Crash?

    When the Airbag Control Module determines the criteria for an accident severe enough to deploy the pyrotechnic safety belts has been exceeded, the shoulder portion of the safety belt is tensioned from the clamping point of the locking buckle in the direction of the belt tensioner by the...
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    Sportback Engine chocking on kick-down

    During the Summer I have managed to get rid of the anti-lag (which I call power cuts). In the Winter I still get one or two power cuts during a kickdown. I am in Canada which has lots of cold temperatures and cold gives more power. More power creates more anti-lag. The other thing that...
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    Any Pro tuner Garages in Ottawa Gatineau Region

    You could look up Eurodyne, because that is their brand. Over the years I have seen them testing an S3 and an RS3 on their dyno. They own the S3 and RS3.
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    Any Pro tuner Garages in Ottawa Gatineau Region Not had one of their tunes, but I have been going there for service for 10 years.
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    Switch off rear wheals using cruise control

    I believe it kicks out of dyno mode when you turn the steering wheel.
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    Facelift Oil Temperature Display in Virtual Cockpit

    The view button gives you the other screen. So if your car is on the top screen (rev counter in middle), pressing the view button gives you the bottom screen (rev counter on left and speedo on right).
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    Facelift Oil Temperature Display in Virtual Cockpit

    Push the view button. I have the view button on the steering wheel.
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    Audi S3 (2015 6 speed) APR Remap

    In Canada during the winter, road crews dump brine onto the roads to melt the snow. When I opened up the air box to inspect the air filter I discovered salt deposits on the floor of the box. How the salt came to be there was a mystery to me. I never expected to be able to figure out what is...
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    - DRIVE SELECT - Dynamic D?

    From what I can see there is no reason to have drive select involved with a cold engine. On my RS3 there are half a dozen warnings/limiters that come into play with a cold engine. The car restarts in a mix of comfort and dynamic (assuming it was left in dynamic), not auto. I believe the A4...
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    Had road force balancing for 15 years and only discovered the numbers when I had problems with the RS3. I suspect 35 pounds would be OK on an SUV. It is a bit of an art to get the low numbers. If the machine has a laser it is easier for the operator. One tire shop owner admitted that they do...
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    Road force balancing has been available in North America for over 20 years. On my RS3 I never experienced any vibration that can happen at highway speeds. However, all roads were rough (at any speed) if the road force was above the numbers I mentioned. The car drove noticeably smoother with...
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    When I bought the car with ceramic brakes it went like this: Power wow Engine sound wow Snow and ice wow Virtual cockpit wow Brakes with square tires alright Handling with square tires alright After changing to the staggered tires it went to this: Brakes with stagger wow Handling...
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    The North American engine has stayed the same (unlike Europe). All Canadian RS3 have virtual cockpit, SS seats (power lumbar only), sunroof, and B&O. Black tip sports exhaust is an option. Carbon ceramic brakes were a stand alone option in 2018, but dropped the following year. Carbon...
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    Audi Pre Sense failed to work

    That is Audi info. Yes, there is no warning below 18 mph. Above 18 mph there can be 4 warnings, one visual, one audio, slight brake jolt, and a partial brake. Also, if one selects dynamic or ESC sport some warnings and features are disabled.