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    Apple CarPlay

    I am finding Car apple play is not quite there yet, it is a major issue for me to have to plug phone in every time, and it pretty well takes over the complete head unit, if it worked via BT as well it would be far more usable for me. Few apps seem to work as well at present. I find it annoying...
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    Revo RS3 8V Software, it's here!!!! (Full details below)

    I was referring to on paper, and different drivers different results. and a tune for me is not about driving in a straight line. and I think you use Comfortably a bit too loosely. Everyone to their own I suppose.
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    Revo RS3 8V Software, it's here!!!! (Full details below)

    You have clearly not read to much of the press, and the RS3 is not fastest hot hatch on the market in stock form it is the AMG A45. I just hope Revo have this right and the does not cause a load of issues, as Audi are not so forgiving now on remapped cars.
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    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    Did you pay less for it :)
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    RS3 saloon

    I waited long enough for an RS3 Saloon, and given up, just replaced my S3 with GLA AMG, more fool Audi for waiting so long. I think the S3 Saloon is a stunning looking car inside and out, and should have been in a saloon
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    8P S3 to 8V S3

    I got offered 11.8% on a S3 saloon to a built spec a few months back, Discounts vary hugely from dealer to dealer and how they are doing on their monthly, and quarter figures.
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    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    Looks Great :) Yep Deals out there to be had, for me My problem is now solved, picking up a new AMG GLA Tomorrow, My Audi going, so leaving the fold :(
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    Advice please S3 cambelt

    Mine is due for the 5 yr cam belt change, what sort of prices should I be looking for? Why the Water Pump? as well being changed
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    Bought, price, discounts, post Diesel Gate

    Just wondering how Discounts have changed Since the Audi emissions Debacle. Have Sales slowed drastically in certain model sectors to warrant them giving quite large discounts to help meet Targets? Anyone been into a Dealer and bought, or got prices etc?
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    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    Hmm that is good, before Diesal gate SQ5's were still in demand and the best discount I could get was like 6% from a load of dealers, even carwow, where as I got offered 11.8% on S3 Saloon, and 9% on RSQ3, but this quarter think audi might have some poor sales and targets need hitting, so sure...
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    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    @CraigI Hi you have a percentage guideline, I am still thinking about SQ5 or RSQ3, my Buy will go on best discount tbh
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    VAG recall half a million cars

    Quite amusing:- when I was in the Tunbridge Wells Audi Dealer, and the sales person categorically denied that Audi cars did not run this software and would not be effected, I smiled at him, and said "I can guarantee that they are, and a load will be recalled" to be fair to him, he was only...
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    How will the US emissions scandal affect UK A3 owners?

    Apparently Switzerland has banned the sales of certain models of VW in Switzerland, so this could be interesting as of course I can assume they have the same models there as in UK. I wish they still made that V10 Diesel in the Touran (I think that is the model) it would be a bargain now :)
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    RSQ3 Anyone gone from S3 to an RSQ3

    Well Rs 3 and RSQ3 might look similar from the top, but the bottom half not exactly the same is it. I had a good sit in the RS Q3 and nose around, was not to impressed tbh, looks more plastic'y than my 2010 S3. when I sat in the SQ5 there is quite a difference interior in quality, just oozes...
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    MP4 in i-tunes to SD card ?

    You need to convert the MP4 to MP3, you can do it in itunes it is in the drop down menu to create an MP3, and reveal in finder where you create them and then transfer them to SD card, check to see if it will read a 64 gig, may have to use a smaller capacity card
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    VAG recall half a million cars

    Seems What Car have included Audi 2.0 Engine in the mix, and has not ruled out Europe. Heh Ho, was going to get a new Audi, but will wait till next quarter, see if they are a lot more desperate than now to sell new cars, they still selling way too many at present :(
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    VAG recall half a million cars

    Wonder what the performance will be like after they have recalled, remaped etc? and the way things are panning out probably not the best time to buy a new car either, or it has to be a fantastic deal to warrant the changes you might have to pay later. Good thing is for VAG cars most can be...
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    VAG Dieselgate A3 TDI

    It could be the demise of diesel, or in coming years diesel owners will be hit hard, I was planning to get a diesel next, but in the long term could be a financial mistake. That said it may be a start of a change towards really hitting big engines really hard. Media hype though will be the...
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    Should I cancel S3 order? Thoughts please.

    Yes everyone should cancel, then I can pick up a bargain :)
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    BIG day on Saturday!!! Potential S3 order

    Jassy06 Discounts are set by each dealer on how their quarterly targets are being met, and that can apply to bigger cars, far less discounts on SQ 5 than on the S3 saloon I have found so far, seems good discounts on RS Q3 for an RS, both are on line and in a dealer. Some Dealers will sell a car...