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  1. mookster

    Akoya A3 3.2 quattro s line...

    Not added anything for yonks, but have been enjoying the car in the meantime :happy: I can also confirm that following the ecu update I've not had any cutting out issues, so for anyone who's still not done that with your 3.2, get it to your dealer, it's worth the few quid to sort. Had some...
  2. mookster

    Advice and Opinions

    Debadged rear is a winner for sure and the blacxk rings look good on the rear also, not so much on the front as you lose the definition of them. Wheels.. opinion only... keep them silver. If they need a refurb then go with hyper silver, the brightness against the paintwork of the car helps...
  3. mookster

    Front vinyl number plate size

    I do these. It's basically down to how much space you have. Chances are a full size plate wont fit, so anything else will be, by definition, illegal. That said when I've done smaller plates I use the legal font and keep proportions the same so while it may be say 80% of full size it just looks...
  4. mookster

    Rear wiper

    Had similar with mine, NHN fixed it while doing some other work - does indeed need a new motor.
  5. mookster

    Avus Silver A3 2.0T FSI S-Line - Casual build thread (pic heavy)

    Looking good mate, seats are very nice. Also spotted your nod to OCD - keeping the left hand knob on the head unit in the upright position ;)
  6. mookster

    Leshkin's Sepang Blue S3 Money Pit Project

    Best of luck with the rebuild mate, bad luck for sure but making the best of it, despite costs!
  7. mookster

    8k budget, want an a3 sline

    I've got a manual as was initially weary of the DSG like yourself. However, having read a lot more about it and about what it does and how it works, it looks to be a very nice box and no less reliable than a manual. Expensive to fix if it does go wrong, but doesn't go wrong any more than a...
  8. mookster

    Will audi a3 8v seats fit my 8?

    Not so easy then :whistle2:
  9. mookster

    A3 3.2 remap advice and fuel talk

    Thanks. Sounds like a plan. I'd not had any plans for more power, have another vehicle which fulfils that role, so went with the v6 soundtrack instead :sly:
  10. mookster

    Akoya A3 3.2 quattro s line...

    Mildly arty shot. Really shows up the factory tints from this angle :)
  11. mookster

    My Audi A4 DTM - "Brought Back From The Brink" progress thread!

    Nice touch. Old friend of mine had a little trick for doing such things - use a modellers small paint roller and gently run it over the top of your embossed logo, that way you get nice smooth edges and an even paint finish. In this case you'd need to mask off the surrounding area is it's raised...
  12. mookster

    steering wheel retrim s3

    Very nice, always a fan of a nice steering wheel. Just thought, not really the need for the TDC marker given the shape of current steering wheels, when they were perfectly round with three evenly spaced identical spokes it made perfect sense :racer: Still looks good though :happy:
  13. mookster

    Will audi a3 8v seats fit my 8?

    Can you not try before you buy?
  14. mookster

    S3 Understeer Problem

    As a general observation of F1 cars they also run more camber on the front than the rear, visibly so. Suspect they know what they're doing, so imagine this is why S3Alex has also seen improvements with his updated settings :)
  15. mookster

    A3 3.2 progress build

    Keep in mind that when you fit the new 'zorst, it will have been designed around the original bumper so will likely still have the tailpipes off centre in the S3 rear valance. I kept the original backbox but just had the tips replaced so that they're a) nice and shiny, and b) in the right place...
  16. mookster

    A3 3.2 remap advice and fuel talk

    Sounds like a bit of a wild goose chase on the alignment but glad you've got to the bottom of it, same with the update :) I find mpg reasonably respectful given the size of the engine, 30+ is easy to achieve without trying too hard. Benefit in town is you can stick it in 6th and bimble around...
  17. mookster

    Which wheels do you prefer for s3?

    For me the rotors have a sportier look, and the silver rim breaks up the anthracite nicely giving them more impact.
  18. mookster

    Akoya A3 3.2 quattro s line...

    Thanks mate. I think the wheels will look a little better once it's sitting a little lower, time will tell. The exhaust is the standard rear box but with new tips welded on. When fitting the S3 bumper it became apparent the exhausts didn't line up with the cutout very well, so it was a cheap...
  19. mookster

    8p1 8p2 differences?

    This is true :tonguewink: