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  1. nik patel

    A3 2.0 tdi s line oil filter location

    Hi Thought it would be accessible once I removed the engine cover but it's not there. I take it you have to remove the undertray to gain access to it?
  2. nik patel

    A3 2.0 8v tdi s line, looking to buy

    Hi guys Should be buying one in the next couple of weeks, I have a 1.8T A3, mk1, 2.0 fsi sport mk2, now getting the above, please advise what things to look out when purchasing the car, any common faults?
  3. nik patel


    Anyone had this done on their 2.0 FSI? You probably seen terraclean on wheelerdealers... thinking of getting it done to improve my MPG and get little more bhp etc
  4. nik patel

    My front upgraded DIY style

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} Wanted to update the front of my grille so with some inspiration from SarahA3:thumbsup: i got a local sign and car wrapping company to wrap the middle bit matt black and the grille...
  5. nik patel

    Correct oil for A3 2.0 FSI Sport

    Hello i am doing a service on my car, its a 54 plate with 57k, am i correct in using 5/30 oil? :readit: what make is best? i am probably going to switch to normal service rather than long life service.
  6. nik patel

    Hello check out my new business!

    Have been using this forum for some time now and just thought i tell you about my new company Simply Dents, providing paintless dent removal for those minor dings and dents. Check it out
  7. nik patel

    Water loss but no sign of leak

    Whats up guys! :rock: Last 3 months i have been having to top up my coolant probably half a litre every couple of weeks. There is no signs of leaks, rad is fine, hoses seem good, thermostat is fine, not overheathing etc I need to due a pressure test but before i do that is there anything...
  8. nik patel

    Must do maintance for the inner arches

    I was bit bored today after washing the car:think:, i know that i had slight rust on the inner lip of the arch, so i thought lets take a closer look behind the inner guard. Took it off without taking the wheel off and was suprised to see a load of soil/mud and leaves in there:wtf:. Looking at...
  9. nik patel

    Slight idle problem in the morning

    :respekt: When i start my car most of the times in the morning it idles about 2.5 then slowly comes down after 30 secs. The throttle body has been clean,, and car is serviced regulary. Any ideas?:faint:
  10. nik patel

    Headlight bulb/fog problem

    Hope someone can help I have a seperate bulbs for main lights and fogs(located in headlight). When the main lights are on and i flash or put the fogs on, the nsr headlight turns off and the fog comes on but only a third of its full power. I have check the bulbs and connections and they are...
  11. nik patel

    2nd Cam Belt change

    My cam belt was changed at 78k, the car is now on 98k. When should i change it next? 120k?:idea:
  12. nik patel

    Fuel filter change

    Looking at other posts on here to change the fuel filter is looks preety straight forward. Can someone tell me how to depressurise the fuel system? can i just take off the petrol cap to do this? Also if anyone got any tips to change the filter please let me know. The only thing im worried...
  13. nik patel

    Maintanance apart from servicing

    Hello People:meeting: I have just cleaned the throttle body which was quite easy from looking at other posts showing how its done. I would say it definately worth doing. Just wondering if theres anything else like that which is quite easy to do that is worth while doing. My car has done 98k.
  14. nik patel

    Weird noise in the boot

    Whats up i have this ticking noise coming from around the cd changer/alarm siren/rear ns light;) . Did some research on here and its sounds like the alarm siren? but then when i took out the number 38 fuse which is the interior light and central locking it stops. So is it the c/l pump gone...