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    Legislation that could ban our sport/modifications

    Its a £1,000,000,000 a year industry in the uk alone. They'd have to be fairly stupid to hurt that tax income for no reason.
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    'U' hose leaking.

    Ive ordered parts straight from Forge before?
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    Serviced Forge 007P and changed the spring...

    The spring stops the valve from opening though....Its the vacuum off throttle that opens the valve so boost levels shouldnt make any difference? A stronger spring would only make it harder for the vacuum to open the valve. Only reason I can think of for a stronger spring was if you had the dv...
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    Antenna base

    VW Golf Passat Polo GTI Roof Aerial Rubber Gasket Seal | eBay
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    Anybody seen this for the 2013 S3

    Its not an S3. Thats the RS3 saloon concept.
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    Serviced Forge 007P and changed the spring...

    Ive never known how the spring makes a difference as the boost pressure doesnt work against the spring unless youve got it fitted the other way round. The boost is hitting the side of the piston as standard....
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    Show us your stance.

    This man speaketh the truth. :icon_thumright:
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    Show us your stance.

    Function over Form ;)
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    finaly put the s3 on the dyno....

    To be fair I think those figures are pretty realistic and are probably what most people get with a map. None of this 270-280bhp nonsense and we all know S3's have been known to get high 13's with minor tuning. Its all in the launch afterall ;) Oh and its a nice printout. Smooth power delivery...
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    B5 Tip fitted. Turbo flutter while on boost.

    Only thing Ive noticed with my n75 is that its only reading as 94% open when on full boost. I know it should show 100%. Certainly used to. When I bring the boost down on my revo map it helps. Lower it goes the less fluttering. I still need to take a day off work and get stage 2 slapped on, see...
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    007P or 008 DV? Help appreciated in advance

    Rubbish. Stick with 008. Its the replacement for the 007. Yellow spring would probably be best.
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    323mm Brembo GTjr - Which discs?

    Well the brembo discs supplied with my kit never warped and I baked them at the ring. Not worth the price though.
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    323mm Brembo GTjr - Which discs?

    Well I got the standard discs price down to £220 so £60 off aint bad. 12month warrenty on them too so will do fine. Ive warped black diamond discs in the past too...
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    forge intercooler or wellycooler ?

    The forge intercooler is a a decent bit of kit and has all the parts to plug and play. Cant comment on the other.
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    323mm Brembo GTjr - Which discs?

    Hi guys, Needing some new discs for the S3 with a brembo GTjr kit (leon setup). What would you recommend? The standard grooved brembo discs have definitely seen better days do want to maybe move away from them. Got a nice set of ferodo baggins ds2500 pads waiting to go on too. Ive had a...
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    Crail 2 weeks today

    Maybe! Think the guys were talking about it last night but I had had a few whiskeys by that point.
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    Quick TIP fitting question

    Best removed with a thin flat screw driver and pliers to save your fingers lol.
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    Quick TIP fitting question

    I didnt raise it up. Just can take abit of time making sure the pipe is on the adaptor fully and then the clip is on straight and correct too.
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    Yellow residue under oil cap

    Tis a 1.6 though ;)
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    Yellow residue under oil cap

    As above I used to get it on my old polo which sat in the garage for long periods of times and then did only a short journey. Cleaning it off and going for a decent run it shouldnt reappear immediately. If it does might be head gasket.