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    2020 S3 (8Y) cockpit & layout - I'm NOT SURE!!

    I made the decision to move from a Golf to an A3 within 2 minutes of sitting in and liking the 8V. It took about the same time in an 8Y to decide against "upgrading" to the new one.
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    2020 S3 (8Y) cockpit & layout - I'm NOT SURE!!

    Can only assume fitting the smaller Fisher Price version of the Virtual Cockpit follows the same design principles. It doesn't need to look good.
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    Tyre pressure monitoring system not working on S3 8v PFL

    And one of these kits to carry out a temporary repair and make the car drivable until you can get it fixed or the tyre replaced.
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    Does sline and sport suspension have same shock absorbers ?

    My 2013 car has sport suspension. IIRC at the time there was three different set-ups with three different ride heights, SE, Sport and S-Line. I found sport suspension with 17" wheels very compliant, a good compromise and passengers preferred it to the harder suspension.
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    wheres my thread gone

    Boxes work by applying different sophistications of introduced fiddle factors that result in increased boost and fuel pressure. Beware of the ones that achieve better torque figures with a lean mixture. They will make a lively feeling engine but long term, premature detonation will probably...
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    Facelift Sunroof Service? What!?

    As well as a wipe around the seals plus a dab of grease here and there, it will also need plugging into the mothership to recalibrate the parameters and compensate for the increase in friction the module has "learnt" over the last two years, this is because the motors will now see a reduce in...
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    S3 8V remap with clutch/flywheel upgrade completed

    I'm considering going Sachs organic if mine gives out. Has the bite point on the pedal changed on the new clutch? I've always found mine to be a bit high up the pedal travel compared to my 1.8. Have you removed the restrictor in the hydraulic line to the clutch? I'm convinced this contributes to...
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    Crashed Audi Loan Car

    Unfortunately, if you are involved in an accident, even if you are deemed not at fault and your NCD is unaffected, insurance companies still sting you by loading your premium and charging more for the next few years.
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    Advice on buying an Audi

    It only has three cylinders. :search: The engine does seem a bit small for the size of car so could be a little more stressed than a larger engine, but I haven't heard horror stories of early failure. Are there many around with 100k miles on the clock? With you all the way in your choice of a...
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    Audi A3 sportback 2.0TDI 150 vs 2.0TFSI 190

    I was going to say you won't really tell the difference of quattro on a test drive, but if you are willing to give it enough on a test drive to be losing grip then I'd imagine you'd be happiest with, and enjoy the 2.0 TFSI quattro a whole lot more.
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    Audi A3 sportback 2.0TDI 150 vs 2.0TFSI 190

    I used to own a 1.8 TFSI. Driving a 2.0 150 TDI felt slow in comparison. The 150 TDI will feel lively until you give it the beans and there is nothing else left. The diesel economy will better a 2.0 TFSI with quattro by approximately 15 mpg. The 2.0 TFSI quattro will be a far nicer car to drive...
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    Which Car should I buy?

    Why are you looking at toys, mega extras lists, undesirable interiors and willing to travel 200 mils for a temp car? Surely you'd be better spending less money on something cheaper and easier to shift when you want rid. Unless I was doing 2-3000 motorway miles a month, I wouldn't want to live...
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    New car - any freebies?

    Likewise. There was one in my first A3 and I bought a second one. They were extra when I bought the S3 so I took them out my old car. The lids touch but they just fit side by side in the cup holders. Nice little rubbish bin and coin storage. I also have a tray in the centre console, but the...
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    Keyless entry as standard??

    In absolute terms, I use the fob to get in my car and the key to start it, so that could be deemed "keyless" entry. I just have the inconvenience of pressing a button on the fob to unlock and gain entry to the car. The OP's worry was having a flawed system that could relatively easily enable...
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    Keyless entry as standard??

    Button with "start engine stop"on the centre console next to the gear stick/selector. For people who feel the need to carry around a massive bunch of keys which can damage your ignition barrel long term with the annoyance of dangling on your leg whilst driving if plugged into your steering...
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    New car - any freebies?

    As Jassy says, the time to negotiate freebies is before you sign, not when you collect. Our dealership don't even offer a complementary wash with a service now and demand £30 for a loan car that they never charged for before. I did get a free long stand when the service receptionist faffed...
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    New S3 pictures

    Has it been T boned or is it supposed to look like a Japanese SUV
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    New Audi A3 Sportback UK Launch

    I had a look at a 35TFSI S Line SB last week when my car was in for service. Positive - The seats were comfortable for the couple of minutes I sat in it. As for the rest of it... Where do you start? I won't be buying one.
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    Facelift Stolen S3 Leeds area today

    Traumatic experience but I wouldn't want it back. Have you got GAP insurance that will replace with an equivalent new model S3
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    Rear brake discs

    And if you go to the trouble of doing the job, don't fit new pads to discs that are "past their best" and only have 80% of the braking surface left..