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  1. Chris6t9

    Phew, that's a relief!

    I would guess what i need is 19 and 17. No mention of a gasket though but then again this is a different engine to the other guys on this thread...
  2. Chris6t9

    Phew, that's a relief!

    I would also like to know if this is the same procedure on the CDUD Engine. Updated pics would be fab!
  3. Chris6t9

    Exhaust upgrade A5 3.0

    Pic didn't load before. Doesn't look too bad that mate but I want quads ideally like the S5 but bigger tips I think.
  4. Chris6t9

    Exhaust upgrade A5 3.0

    Thanks mate! Already had a map and dpf delete. Hoping it sounds lovely but just unsure on tips for it! Might go for powerflow
  5. Chris6t9

    Exhaust upgrade A5 3.0

    Anyone upgraded the exhaust on there A5 or even the S5? Got a new diffuser going on and just want to change the tips to give a better sound. Any advice and pics on what you got? Thanks!
  6. Chris6t9

    3.0 Cam Chain Replacement Information

    Thanks mate. Now to figure out the other parts I need!
  7. Chris6t9

    3.0 Cam Chain Replacement Information

    Yes it is the 245. Thanks mate. Any reason why they are saying it only has 2 then?? I just wish someone had a list of all the parts needed!
  8. Chris6t9

    3.0 Cam Chain Replacement Information

    Hi guys pulling my hair out here with lack of info I can find and conflicting info is everywhere! I'm looking to change all the chains and tensioners and all the bolts and anything else necessary on my 2013 A5. Engines gonna come out but I want to get everything ordered and delivered prior to...
  9. Chris6t9

    New to the A5 gang

    I don't have the new shape A5 but all bulbs can be changed. Can grab bulbs on eBay for fogs and interior and quite cheap too. Done this on my A5
  10. Chris6t9

    A5 3.0 Quattro Diff Oil Change

    Hi guys, my 2013 S-tronic is coming up to 100k now. I need to get the diff oil changed. I have read up multiple threads on this however they all differ on how much oil is needed and if there is actually 3 locations where the oil needs changing. So could anyone help out with how much oil I need...
  11. Chris6t9

    Anything to be aware of on A5 3.0 tdi

    Hi mate, if an S-tronic make sure the oil has been done every 38k or you will get problems with the box. Don't get multitronic. I've heard the diff oil does not need to be changed and it's sealed for life however I've read many articles that it should be done after 100k. Something I need to get...
  12. Chris6t9

    Is 90k miles a lot a used car?

    Yes mate I believe so
  13. Chris6t9

    Is 90k miles a lot a used car?

    It will likely be the S-tronic gearbox so make sure the oil has been changed every 38k!
  14. Chris6t9

    Sepang blue (pearl effect) A5 Sportback Black Edition Plus wheel colour

    I would say black is the best colour wheels to have on sepang blue!
  15. Chris6t9

    A5 Black Edition - Progress Thread

    Ok thanks mate I will have to have a look around for a guide
  16. Chris6t9

    A5 Black Edition - Progress Thread

    Was thinking about retrofitting the footwell lights and the puddle lights to my A5. Did you follow a guide or? Was it difficult? Very nice car mate. Fair play with the mirrors!
  17. Chris6t9

    Moggie's A5 3.0tdi build

    Very nice. What's next?
  18. Chris6t9

    Wanted A5 Black Edition High Spec

    Looking to spend circa 17k. Looking for high spec. Facelift. Heated Leather, Folding Door mirrors etc Blue in colour is proffered. Don't fancy black or white. Show me what you got. Just missed out on one today!
  19. Chris6t9

    Issues with Morimoto

    Anyone else find that the bulbs go out of warranty then they blow? 1 month out of the 2 year warranty one goes then the other one follows a month later. £65 for a set as well. Ridiculous.
  20. Chris6t9

    My 2010 Audi A3 Sportback S-line Black Edition with some minor mods

    Looks great mate the calipers. A year late on the responce but oh well i been busy haha