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  1. Oranoco

    Brake Conversion?

    Piece of pie to do. Get yourself a set of discs from the 3.0 B6 A4. Pop them on and the TT carriers and drop your existing caliper in with a pad of your choice.
  2. Oranoco

    1998 S4 wing mirror plastic replacement

    I seem to recall there being 2 screws on the underside of the mirror. After doing mine I recommend taken them off the car and leave them soaking in penetrating oil over night as mine were ******** to undo. Once the screws are out the cap just wiggles free. Don't remember if I removed the glass...
  3. Oranoco

    Avant a4 apu 1.8t limp mode

    Needs a scan to see what's getting upset :(
  4. Oranoco

    1.8 TQS project now driving

    It was quick until it broke. Spent about 3 laps shoving a stage 3 Escort Cosworth round Bedford Autodrome
  5. Oranoco

    1.8 TQS project now driving

    To be honest the standard item is pretty robust. Mine saw me sail past 180,000 miles and it was the flywheel that failed rather than the clutch. I got the car on about 80,000 and chipped it straight away to 190bhp. It ran like this until about 160,000 miles where I then gave it an extra 50bhp...
  6. Oranoco

    A4 to S4 bumper.

    Salvage yard or ebay would be a good start. A couple of groups on Facebook with folks breaking vag stuff
  7. Oranoco

    A4 to S4 bumper.

    You need pre face lift wing mounts for the side and front crash rams. Will be doing this myself one the management is sorted.
  8. Oranoco

    Amp install help!!!

    I drilled my Ecu box and added a gromet seemed the least obstructed route.
  9. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant 1.8t project

    Don't need loads of thread just enough for the pinch to secure the ball joints. Don't forget to copper grease the bolt as they love to sieze up nice and solid
  10. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant 1.8t project

    They do come up. Have found the B5 group on Facebook really good. Managed to get carbon trim clips and gear surround from there
  11. Oranoco

    A4 b5 1.8t gearbox mount

    We just bought a new standard one then filled it with Silkaflex. Seems to work well with the 034 Street density engine mounts
  12. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant 1.8t project

    They are. I ended up buying an entire car to get mine
  13. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant 1.8t project

    You need prefacelift side mounts and crash rams. iirc you need a washer or 2 to get it to sit right. So I'm told. I converted mine to face-lift front and will now be going backwards to get my S4 bumper on
  14. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant 1.8t project

    Wasn't sure seeing them off the car but now on they look quite smart
  15. Oranoco

    A4 b5 short shifter

    What bits do you need Alex as I may have spare TB and pedal for DBW and definitely have a spare cable TB. Located just up the reading Herts too
  16. Oranoco

    Face-lift dash radio trims?

    Will be putting my trust Alpine 9812 back into service the original deck is a long distant memory
  17. Oranoco

    A4 b5 avant roof bars removal

    My old 1.6 avant didn't have them and it looked a bit naff to be honest. I wanted to retrofit them but sold the car and got my saloon after the need for an estate went. Would post a pic but Photobucket have broken the Internet
  18. Oranoco

    Face-lift dash radio trims?

    Hoping to get the dash back together today if this bug clears off. Just had a thought about the radio trims as seem to recall I can't reuse my prefacelift trims Are these right?
  19. Oranoco

    To anyone who's fitted 1 piece OEM Valeos to their pre-facelift B5

    From what I can see it is simply a case of extending the wires from the old to new position. The plug and wiring appears identical for the switch between pre and post face lift cars
  20. Oranoco

    Aeb tuning

    Ah cool, brother said 4.2 but I had 4.9 in my head for some reason. Sorted on the plug as my brother has a few of these plugs kicking about the workshop.