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  1. dela

    Vigorous steering wheel shake - HELP

    last night I drove to Bristol. Just as i was leaving the M32 to enter Bristol my steering wheel started shaking hard leading me to believe i had a flat tyre, pulled over on to the hard shoulder to check it out and couldnt see anything wrong, checked the tyres and checked all the bolts but...
  2. dela

    Birstol Krispy Kreme meet....Any one interested?

    I'l be there, dont finish work till 3 though so probably wont get there till 4. i take it its the easton krispy kremes?
  3. dela

    Whats my A3 T-Sport Quattro worth?£3k?

    Sorry, must have misread!
  4. dela

    WHITE WHITE WHITE!(Pic Heavy!)

    thanks guys, but what do you think it should be price wise? Jay - not sure, didnt spray it myself got the body shop to do it, sorry mate
  5. dela

    WHITE WHITE WHITE!(Pic Heavy!)

    cheers mate. Not sure exactly what car i'll be getting but im looking for a nice diesel. My right foots just too heavy for a car like this, im averaging 17.5mpg!
  6. dela

    Whats my A3 T-Sport Quattro worth?£3k?

    adam i am looking to move to diesel power, ill pm you my email address, can you send me some pics?
  7. dela

    WHITE WHITE WHITE!(Pic Heavy!)

    selling the car now so have taken lots of pictures, thought i may as well put some more up on here Audi : Tastefully Modded Audi S3 what do you guys think pricing wise?
  8. dela

    8L S3 Grills cant get hold of one for decent price help plz!

    an s3 grill will not fit an a3 no, you were asking for an s3 grill. do you have an s3 or an a3?
  9. dela

    8L S3 Grills cant get hold of one for decent price help plz!

    thats an A3 grill, wont fit. i have a spare s3 grill, make me an offer
  10. dela

    The back end stepped out today and i liked it!!!

    unfotunately most the time its 100% front wheel drive and when it feels the back needs some power its 70/30. you can get aftermarket haldex controllers which give 50/50 and are apparently a big improvment. bit pricey for me though mind
  11. dela

    Cut out at traffic lights and won't start again..please help!!

    OP has a 1.8 N/A, not an s3, shoulda gone to specsavers good job finding the problem! but just so you know your car doesnt have a carb
  12. dela


    i realy hope i never meet you in person
  13. dela

    Take a customers car for a test drive and look what happens

    thats gonna be well over a grand on an R8, my guess is £2348.23, give or take £10
  14. dela

    chrome galore........

    i think you're missing the point. chrome CAN look nice, for example the chrome look wing mirrors on the s3 looks very nice. but yours is not done tastefully, its done with a chinese £5.99 chrome strip set from halfords and it shows big time. at the end of the day its your car do what you want...
  15. dela

    sump gasket?

    im sorry, i know the arguments over, but really? you think he looks stupid
  16. dela

    If you could only have one of your mods... which would you keep?

    Remap buts the biggest smile on your face
  17. dela

    your oil pump pick up

    i just re-used them, didnt even know they were there till i got under it, havent had any problems so far
  18. dela

    your oil pump pick up

    when i did the sump on my a3 it was just the allen keys, but on my s3 it had the 3 larger bolts as well
  19. dela

    Found A Sump Gasket ;)

    im missing the point, sealent is cheaper, whats the benefit
  20. dela

    CR K04 Stage 4 Hybrid, comparison to k04

    im local, but have a tear in the pipe coming form the turbo to the charge pipe, so if you can be bothered to put steves on mine for the run you're more then welcome to use it