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  1. smurfworth

    Coilovers or Lowering Springs

    Go AP coilovers, springs will ruin the dampers in no time with that amount of mileage and it’ll become bouncy as. I’ve had both and have since been daily driving the same set of ap coilovers for around 7 years now and they are still spot on
  2. smurfworth

    Does your interior rattle?

    Yeah, I’ve got felt tape stuck to most things to stop a lot of it. Perks of **** roads and coilovers I suppose
  3. smurfworth

    S3 Stage 2 Plus General Opinions

    Awesome for a daily driver, not a lot can match it on the roads. Only thing that doesn’t like it mechanically is the clutch/flyweel. Even the aftermarket Sachs organic isn’t really upto it mines been in for maybe 15k miles now and the dual mass is knackered already and the bite is in the middle...
  4. smurfworth

    How long to brake a new clutch in?

    Drive it in town and treat it gently, as little boost as possible for 1000 miles. Not that it matters really as the DMF on my Sachs setup seems to be shot anyway already. keep providing feedback on your setup please as will be looking at going the same route just SMF next time
  5. smurfworth

    8.5j et45 fitment?

    It’s all the way down on ap coilovers, if your lowering it you’ll have issues with anything wider than 225 tyres as you can see from the photos.
  6. smurfworth

    8.5j et45 fitment?

    Couple shots to help 225/40/18 et45
  7. smurfworth

    8.5j et45 fitment?

    Front I'd say as it's the wheels turning in and out of the arch when cornering. And the back you can add camber to stop the rubbing. 8J will still rub if lowered, it's down to the offset. Some people say 215 tyres stop any rubbing but it's a lot of stretch on an 8.5j wheel. How low is the car...
  8. smurfworth

    8.5j et45 fitment?

    Depends if it's lowered. I've got 225 on 8.5j et45 and it rubs but that's cus it's really low to the point you can just about get the tip of your finger in the arch gap
  9. smurfworth

    Ibis White S3 Owner

    Yeah looks like same system as on mine, loud enough as is so would be interesting to hear a WRC one in person
  10. smurfworth

    Ibis White S3 Owner

    Just to let you know the exhaust isn't the WRC version if it's the same as in the pics. The WRC one doesn't have any midboxes as they get replaced by a helmholz resonator
  11. smurfworth

    Is the manual more fun than s-Tronic?

    It’s not always about speed, the manual makes the better noise is what he’s saying and I agree. Got an rs3 that’s s tronic and still got my manual s3 and the s3 is more rewarding to drive out of the two. The auto doesn’t backfire on gear changes, just makes a gay farting noise. Don’t get me...
  12. smurfworth

    Michelin PS4/super sport

    S3's are supposed to have matching on both axles anyway due to the quattro
  13. smurfworth

    Fitting uprated clutch (garage not keen!!)

    Have you tried They are vag specialist in exeter
  14. smurfworth

    S3 MPG over 3 months. 26!

    Well it is, your the one who’s telling me it’s wrong when the experts that fitted the tyres said the pressures will be fine. I’m just relaying what they’ve said is fine. Likewise, having 225 tyres on an 8.5J alloy is probably wrong in your eyes as they are slightly stretched. However, the...
  15. smurfworth

    S3 MPG over 3 months. 26!

    If they didn't sit flat the outside edges would wear quicker than the middle, have run these pressures since I've had these wheels and am on my 3rd set of tyres on them and the wear is always perfect. Bearing in mind the s3 brakes are huge compared to normal cars I think the braking distance...
  16. smurfworth

    S3 MPG over 3 months. 26!

    I got 30F and 28R, prefer comfort to mpg, tyre wear etc. No wonder there's so many buckled alloys around if people are rolling on what it says in the fuel cap. Stage 2+ does a lot of town driving and averages 23mpg, roughly 280 miles from full to the fuel light. But let's be honest, you don't...
  17. smurfworth

    Anyone recognise this rs3 HG12 BHJ

    Alright people, anyone recognise this rs3? Was traded in at MCR specialist cars in Bristol. After some info on what map is on it
  18. smurfworth

    Downsize the turbo to boost earlier.

    Just a few points, 1, the 140 turbos are like chocolate and blow up frequently, stick with the 170 one as it’s the better one 2, driving a remapped car using the low down torque puts a huge amount of stress on the duel mass flywheel. My advise, change your driving style to rev it a bit...
  19. smurfworth

    Something nasty growing on my pollen filter!

    Exact reason I do services myself, dealer services are the worst of all. Don’t know why anyone thinks main dealer history is so good. I was once by Audi my xenon headlight washers were not working on their inspection, the fault was the Audi technician didn’t turn on the headlight switch when...
  20. smurfworth

    S3 top mounts help or tricks for lows

    Do they trim the lip on the hub out? Up to you at the end of the day, would hate for someone to be injured as a result of doing something like that is all. I wouldn’t have thought 10mm would make a huge difference to the alighnment. It’ll obviously benefit from being aligned though. You’ll...