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  1. J10NMM

    Replacement Grill

    got mine from china... took 2 weeks ato arrive
  2. J10NMM

    Boot lid external trim removal

    either stuck on with double sided tape or they can be bolted on?
  3. J10NMM

    A6 C7 BiTdi decat

    Good luck passing your MOT without one
  4. J10NMM

    Mirror Glass

    AUDI UK got involved and boom 2 new mirrors in the post
  5. J10NMM

    Rear Pads time again

    surely by disconnecting the battery, changing the pads then reconnecting once complete solves the issue of the sensor being made..?
  6. J10NMM

    What you listening to today

    SKALAD - seven nation army
  7. J10NMM


    You might want to re-read the original post.. it's a 60k service not 19k.. just a little difference...
  8. J10NMM


    If the dash light is on for an inspection service then I'd be booking it in for one... I wouldn't just be ignoring it or reseting it. :blink:
  9. J10NMM

    20' Ispiri FFR6 pictures

    jsut spray them, quick mask off of the area and two passes with matte black spray and jobs a good one.
  10. J10NMM

    RJW's Avant

    Snap, one of the better options
  11. J10NMM

    20' Ispiri FFR6 pictures They have a drop down flag which you can select Ireland and it gives you the option to buy.. worth a shot
  12. J10NMM

    20' Ispiri FFR6 pictures

    the 3rd pic gave this link - your not going to get much closer really..
  13. J10NMM

    20' Ispiri FFR6 pictures
  14. J10NMM

    A6 3.0 Bitdi Gearbox Slip PLEASE HELP :(

    you've bought a second hand car which you've got no idea how it was driven before you... the box could have so much slack in it to start with depending upon the original owners driving... even though they state 1000NM max that is under optimal conditions..
  15. J10NMM

    Post your A6/S6. C7 Chassis Ebay, Classified and For Sale Links in here.

    Where are you located and what movement on the price have you got?
  16. J10NMM

    Paddle extensions

    part of me thinks they will be a little flimsy? and for that price I'd expect gold plated
  17. J10NMM

    Black window trim started to corrode

    I'm sure these are plastic?
  18. J10NMM

    Next small mod ideas

    to add you get a new gaitor with it also which felt nicer than the original one..
  19. J10NMM

    Next small mod ideas

    ended up going for the RS version as it just looked cooler took about 12 days to arrive and it fits like a glove