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  1. RobinA3

    Rear Lights Adaptor Req Or Not

    Drop a message - they have done a few conversions before :-)
  2. RobinA3

    Attending list Aitp 8th August 2021

    1. Administrators 2. Audispy 3. Sequence 4. JG51 AUD + Ryan 5. Macdoon 6. @Steff s3 7. R55 MRU 8. B7/RS4 9. dan a7 10. RobinA3 - Rocketwires LTD trade stand :-)
  3. RobinA3

    8P puddle light LED kit for 5dr, any recommendations?

    Thank you for the feedback and support :-)
  4. RobinA3

    Door puddle light and red warning light upgrade

    Just seen this thread, thank you for the review - if anyone would like a set of these then they can be purchased directly from our website:
  5. RobinA3

    Q3 Ambient lighting have carried out an ambient lighting retrofit on a Q7 recently with our support from the harness side: If this was a optional extra on the Q3 then it can be retrofitted. Its not a cheap retrofit by any means as a lot of work is involved.
  6. RobinA3

    [Guide] Audi A3 8V Genuine LED Cupholder Retrofit

    They are the wrong terminals for the BCM connector. It would be easier for you to purchase one of our harnesses -
  7. RobinA3

    Retrofitting folding door mirrors

    If you have VCDS then connect up to the module and see if folding mirrors is an option for you to activate.
  8. RobinA3

    PFL to FL Dynamic Taillights conversion guide

    We are currently developing a plug a play kit for this conversion - if anyone has a Sportback and want to be involved with developing the kit then please drop us a message -
  9. RobinA3

    B6 Door handle illumination

    You can buy the optic on its own - 8P3 919 177
  10. RobinA3

    [Guide] Audi A3 8V Genuine LED Cupholder Retrofit

    Correct, its the middle connector you require.
  11. RobinA3

    New car's expected mileage and "delivery mode" question

    Some vehicles are also selected to carry out random emissions test once built which will consist of about 20km of driving on the rolling in an emissions lab.
  12. RobinA3

    New car's expected mileage and "delivery mode" question

    Delivery mileages can vary and there will be a limit depending on the manufacturer, it might be a case that your car may have been subject to additional end of line (production) rolling road test due to a creak or an issue they may have found or it might have been chosen as an audit vehicle (for...
  13. RobinA3

    New Product - A3 8P Door Repair Harness

    Door repair harness for Audi A3 8P 2003 - 2012 for the repair of the common broken wire(s) in the door hinge which leads to non-operational windows etc. Supplied with the correct thickness of wire which is the same as what is used as standard and number of wires is the same as what is fitted as...
  14. RobinA3

    Auto Hold Retrofit

    check out as they have fitted a few kits already.
  15. RobinA3

    Alcantara Upgrades

    I can help you with this - check out some of the stuff we can retrim - Drop me an email - if you want more info.
  16. RobinA3

    LED Cup Holder Centre Console

    8V2 864 261C 6PS
  17. RobinA3

    8v B&O door wiring

    I don't really deal with the audio side so I couldn't say sorry, lighting side I could help. I can supply you lengths of wire with the correct pins crimped onto the end if required - if I get chance tonight I will have a look at the wiring diagrams to see if there is any difference in wire size...
  18. RobinA3

    8v B&O door wiring

    If you want to run wires from the car side to the doors then you will need to use the door connector block and use the male and female pins.
  19. RobinA3

    Airbag Light Won't Go Off

    Might help if you let us know where you are located so someone local to you might be able to help you.
  20. RobinA3

    Door Ambient Lights A3 8V Sportback

    I don't know what the pins can supply, its not something I have looked into as I only fit OEM lighting, nothing wrong with aftermarket stuff but for me its not worth the risk of something going wrong on a customers car. Good luck!