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  1. gingers3

    My S1 - Smurf!

    ok , thats good , i fitted 10f /12r on mine they sit with the tyre edge level with the arch
  2. gingers3

    My S1 - Smurf!

    i personally think the spacers are too big prety sure could fail mot too
  3. gingers3


    as asn got a clubstand there this year ?
  4. gingers3

    s1 @ aitp

    im trying to arrange an s1 clubstand at aitp this year theres some interest over on facebook s1 owners group any one interested get in touch or look over on the facebook group
  5. gingers3


    there are more options , mrc , superchips , custom code etc
  6. gingers3

    gti spring festival 2016

    any one going , club stand ?
  7. gingers3


    hotchkiss performance do a bmc one for £54 inc del , have a look on facebook s1owners group
  8. gingers3


    ive got one you can have , swapped it for a BMC one , pipercross one is bery poor quality
  9. gingers3

    Exhaust Valve Mod

    does it not bring up any faults with it un plugged ?
  10. gingers3

    Exhaust Valve Mod

    do you know this for sure ? the valve is open with engine off ???
  11. gingers3

    Failed CV Joints (DriveShaft)

    superchips are quoting 469 Nm from bluefin !
  12. gingers3

    Failed CV Joints (DriveShaft)

    what sort of torque seem to be eating them ??
  13. gingers3

    air filter

    hi mate , to be honest with you it makes no difference what so ever , if there is a noise or performance change its in the owners head !! i ve been messing with cars long enough to know things like this are aimed at people who have a tuning disease , which i have !!! lol if your car was tuned to...
  14. gingers3


    i wouldnt touch the dt box i want some one to try bluefin on the s1 , might just bite the bullet and be the first
  15. gingers3


    why not just get a proper map ? bluefin or some thing simlar
  16. gingers3

    Downpipe Upgrade

    dont you mean bcs ?
  17. gingers3

    450 bhp S1

    must admit i was about to map mine but dont think im going to now since i read about this !!!
  18. gingers3

    AMD Remaps

    i thought amd used revo software ????
  19. gingers3

    S1 Spotters thread

    seen a white sportback in scunthorpe yesterday
  20. gingers3

    Stalker Finally Posts

    as far as im aware some brands of 10 mm spacers wont fit the s1 , the 12 mm ones i got from ebay but are really good quality gnj motorsport take some beating on price and service