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  1. Chlippo

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Do post pics of the wondering why it is different. It should be the same setup.. And of course take good pictures and instructions on how does the B5 Tip fit on a LHD car. I am sure plenty of people would apreciate it
  2. Chlippo

    Sell up or more power???

    Of course it comes down to personal choices, but that was the thread question lol. My opinion, take the s3 to the max level on a hybrid or stock k04. Of course some gonna say evo is garbage, im not inviting anyone to buy one hehe, but no one can deny its driving capabilities.
  3. Chlippo

    Sell up or more power???

    I guess I couldnt agree more. The strong points of the S3 is the comfort, the nice interior, the fuel economy, the silence (compared to the evo) and mostly the daily drive. The evo have none of that. But it does have the power, and it comes with a price tag. Don't forget that modding the evo is...
  4. Chlippo

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Welcome buddy! Turbo is a Hybrid from Dan (BeachBuggy) BBT. I guess everyone here knows what it is :) but I forgot the specs. You will find all the info you need on the forum, and I am sure you have already read the stickies more than once lol enjoy the awesome forum, and the amazing helpfull...
  5. Chlippo

    Best upgraded in tank fuel pump

    any updates on the deatschwerks pump? and I see numerous figures concerning S3 8L fuel pump flow. If we agree that Bosch 044 is 300 lph, Audi S3 oem Fuel pump is ...?
  6. Chlippo

    s3 to 350z - running costs?

    I have a 2003 g35 automatic, i get 17 mpg. Not much highway thou. Calculated accuratly.
  7. Chlippo

    Audi S3 8L - EFR 7163

    4 bar fpr + 550cc injectors should be more than enough for hybrid setup.
  8. Chlippo

    Andymac sub enclosure

    Since this item is very sadly NLA, i guess it would be a great help if someone can take dimensions of its current sub enclosure and post it in the stickies. Its an info everyone would want
  9. Chlippo

    Manley connecting rods...non riffle drilled, any good?

    Just to evaluate the difference in total price between IE riffle drilled vs manley
  10. Chlippo

    Manley connecting rods...non riffle drilled, any good?

    I am waiting on a price (including shipping overseas) from IE suppliers, and will then take a decision, knowing the consequences.
  11. Chlippo

    Manley connecting rods...non riffle drilled, any good?

    hehe guys you are making the decision even harder :D
  12. Chlippo

    Manley connecting rods...non riffle drilled, any good?

    Thing is I can get a decent deal on a set of Manley connecting rods for my S3, but the prob is that they don't offer riffle drilling service. I run a bbt Hybrid K04 and pretty much all the bolt-ons and we all know what's my max power figures. The difference in price between those and IE riffle...
  13. Chlippo

    Audi S3 - Stroker Big Turbo build.

    Do you happen to find spare parts for your s3 in Dubai? I am currently in abu dhabi
  14. Chlippo

    EVO 7 FMIC??

    I have an evo9 intercooler fitted, and its amazing results. Quality is way better than the chinese made ones. Temps dropped, i had a chinese one before. There are pics on a thread on this forum somewhere, you can look for it
  15. Chlippo

    Manifold change now vibrations

    Does it vibrate all the time? Or when shifting gears?
  16. Chlippo

    LHD Headlights on RHD

    If those are still for sale can you point me to it?. I have a lhd s3 and might be interrested in headlights
  17. Chlippo

    Haldex powertrack insert ??

    I have one of those but still didn't fit it yet. I am concerned about the cornering abilities with 50/50
  18. Chlippo

    Going BBT hybrid, which manifold?

    I had a V2, true it needed to be reinforced since the welds weren't sustaining the high heat, and the way the turbo sits made the manifold weak I guess. I now Have the newly released V4 (i guess or whatever it is called) which is a lot different. I have to admit I am very pleased with the...