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  1. TahirS

    New Gearbox S4 B8

    This!!! I know no I'm not gonna find this with another similar car...
  2. TahirS

    Why I'm not around much right now

    Jeff, so sorry for you loss. Looks like a bit of a dude.
  3. TahirS

    New B8/8.5 S4, little help please!

    It's been a while since I've been on here and I really this the fraternity. you guys are the best support network for a car I've ever had. Sadly the S4 is gone... sob sob. I might buy another but not just yet I think the S3 saloon will hold its value better for 2 years, the car will be newer...
  4. TahirS

    Audi A4 TDIE - Low MPG?

    Second the dpf and even egr and cat, since these will make it easier to drive and make less effort to drive. Of course it's your choice but I would
  5. TahirS

    Is a stolen recovered c7 rs6 a good idea?

    The cars sold now, it went for aroun 50k on a 14 plate, high spec with low miles but needing around 8k spent on it since the parts are like gold dust yet. I'm finding a great hesitance in people buying these cars when on a cat d. The main factor for me would be what was the damage, how does I...
  6. TahirS

    Is 300 Bhp Enough For Uk Roads?

    Sad to admit @Locoblade but I really miss the mk2 golf and ek civic vti for fun but not really any serious speed
  7. TahirS

    Is 300 Bhp Enough For Uk Roads?

    You could argue having a regular train service is enough and cars unnecessary but let's face it- men specifically need a way to get a high and cocaine prices going up, fuel prices going down mean we welcome more horses. (Ps I in now way endorse feeding horses cocaine, or people that look like...
  8. TahirS

    Running in your new S4...

    @StuBill your oil story is the best I ever heard I think mine does around a litre for a thousand miles...
  9. TahirS

    S4 Newbie Questions

    Tricky situation, I want the stupid quarter mile times and the 750bhp but tbh I can't afford the engine out cost to change a 50 pence 0 ring... I wish there was a solution... If you buy one with the fault knowingly you could get these jobs done at once with updated parts and it'll save on the...
  10. TahirS

    S4 Newbie Questions

    That's all good to know re warranty direct. I'm thinking of getting a c6 rs6 but the oil ring issue, alternator and vacuum pump all seem common. I'm struggling to find a decent low mile car but this time looking to modify
  11. TahirS

    Audi S4/RS4 Conversion - Worth the money?

    I've never drove the b8 rs4, if it's like the rs5, if rather have an s4 but the body on the rs4 is so much nicer to look at and on that note this conversion makes sense, it's probably a better car to run than an rs4. Badges kill it though
  12. TahirS

    De-Badge Rear

    Mike, I drive an S4, there's no badges on it bar the grill. If I had an rs6 it'd be the same.
  13. TahirS

    De-Badge Rear

    Looks mint, I'd take the Quattro badge off too though. I've actually taken the four rings of mine too. @Mike J when these cars were designed it was known there would be badges on them but they weren't designed with them, the badges take away from the design and I think they clutter the design...
  14. TahirS

    Audi S4/RS4 Conversion - Worth the money?

    I think I kniw this car. The previous owner sold it around a year ago for 21k. The dealer who has it now is going to make a fortune
  15. TahirS

    0-240 in a 900+ ps rs6 v10

    This video is pushing me to go for it...... I must fight the urge!!!!
  16. TahirS

    Exhaust advice for B8.5 S4

    @onklen pulling up to the in laws house... Neighbours twitch curtains... And then the fight began....
  17. TahirS

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    So... The horn wasn't working, hmmm should be a simple fix, yeah of course, maybe it's a fuse? Hmm, well that escalated quickly.... Lol But we did get a wash out of it...
  18. TahirS

    Buying new?

    Wise not to get the sss, they take up so much space, I'm only 5'11 but the space behind me is embarrassing for a car this size. That's a lovely spec, mines the same colour-keeps auto glym in business....
  19. TahirS

    Is a stolen recovered c7 rs6 a good idea?

    ive found a super low mileage high spec rs6 with some minimal damage. I'd change a complete leg to be safe and replace some cosmetic panels although that's probably being over cautious since the panels I've will paint and be ok. I'm just looking to see what you guys think about stolen recovered...
  20. TahirS

    Calipers do I go red, yellow or black

    what wheels are they?