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    Let's Give The Insurance Industry An Enema

    Initiate a Parliamentary enquiry into the UK Insurance Industry The UK Insurance Industry currently operates under policies and practices which are in direct contrast to the interests of its customers. The practice of involving multiple entities in any single claim or transaction creates...
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    Let's Give The Insurance Industry An Enema
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    Factory 7 seat retrofit kit

    open to offers
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    Factory 7 seat retrofit kit

    I have one but lost the will to live trying to list in the classifieds! This is the seat type you will end up with: Very handy, turn your C5 into a 7 seater my kids were still in the back until recently when the car was scrapped...
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    C5 Allroad Fuel problem

    all sorted picked up a different allroad! lovely one too!
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    C5 Allroad Fuel problem

    apparently drives fine but won't go if fuel drops past 1/2 tank..
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    C5 Allroad Fuel problem

    I am about to look at an 04 2.5 A6 allroad apparently the owner says there is a problem with the secondary pump or lift pump or the pump that feeds the main pump (any of that make sense!) I am assuming its is an in tank pump, havent found a schematic yet but does anyone have any experience of...
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    B5 and c5 v6 exhaust compatibility (2.8q)

    ah sorry. I have an C5 with exhaust on both sides...or I did until the driver's side back box fell off last night!! you may have answered the question though, I thought the 2.8 B5 may have been similar there seem to be a number of things listed as compatible with other v6's, I saw one for B5C5...
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    B5 and c5 v6 exhaust compatibility (2.8q)

    Do these platforms share exhausts? Struggling to find a match to the one I have, All the ones I see have twin exit pipes on a single sided system and mine has a two separate sides and single exit pipes! Need one asap and am trying to avoid piling £500 into a car I paid £500 for! What other v6...
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    Bonnet release lever Broken

    i have a spare one you can have for postage if you want it drop me a mail ed (at) ersg (dot) com
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    A4 B5 Cruise Control Retrofit Instructions with pictures

    I will have to try this as despite the code and all wired up I couldnt get the barsteward to do anything!! any way of testing these units or the loom?
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    Facelift Headlights

    you will have to remove a bit of the inner wing if I recall, should be obvious when you get busy with the spanners Is a loom required? Short of a different style plug and fitting that to your existing loom I am not sure what else is required
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    Alignment Settings

    not sure I am reading that correctly then Final camber for the front looks like it has 1deg 24min and 0deg and 6mins (personally I would want that the other way round....(roundabouts!) unless you use adjustable hardware when one goes up the other comes down as they are only moving the subframe...
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    I realise this may be controversial but I'd like my S4 to woosh

    how do you do the idle speed setting?
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    Alignment Settings

    my specified ranges look different to your on camber I usually ask for -1.0 to 1.5deg camber on the back
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    low idle, stalling under braking/full lock steering

    so just unplug hoses and leave the N80 plugged in?
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    low idle, stalling under braking/full lock steering

    sorry if this is not in the right area but I am losing the will to live trying to sort it 2.8 V6 Auto box - selects and changes smoothly and quickly - no obvious faults Engine starts and idles fine, pulls hard, otherwise drives perfectly when up to temperature the idle drops to...
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    S4 running rough, won't rev by 5000rpm.

    mine just did the exact same thing found out the hard way as I pulled alongside a truck on a B road! fecking MAFs are ****!
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    1999 Misano S4 Saloon breaking

    Hi Sorry it all went back in january still have the heater blower motor though £15 posted drop me an email as I dont come on here very often now ed (at) ersg (dot) com
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    Temperature not hitting 90

    £156 for a front off stat replacement? sounds like a bargain! where was that?