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  1. Skard

    Audi tried charge me £600!!

    I had the bumper off my S4 a couple of times, possibly the easiest bumper to remove ever. Max one hour charge for that to come off and go back on. I also changed the cambelt kit and waterpump on my CR140 Tiguan, if you get charged more than four hours in total for this job then I'd suggest...
  2. Skard

    Audi tried charge me £600!!

    Was it done at Audi previously? I can see the issue had it been done out of their network. Computer issue will be your reply [emoji846]
  3. Skard

    Audi tried charge me £600!!

    To be fair, all of which they tried with me (£1800 worth!!) I knew about. But £135 each for Kumho tyres in 18's...! They tried to get me to change both aux belts (bumper off job on S4), had they looked, they would see they had done less than 100 miles. The service guy wasn't chuffed when I...
  4. Skard

    Audi tried charge me £600!!

    My local Audi dealer are enough to put you off the brand. Eventually they stopped with this health check. One time, apparently my tyres had grown tread between two visits, two months apart when they went from 3mm to 5mm.
  5. Skard

    A/C does not switch on - Is it because it's cold outside?

    You can go into measuring blocks of your HVAC in VCDS and it can tell you why the AC won't activate. This isn't a fault scan, it is live logging.
  6. Skard

    Enable Optical Parking System on MMI - Rear only sensors

    As mentioned, VCDS Lite only works on K-line (mk4 Golf etc). Even the Micro-CAN cable doesn't work with the B8, it needs the Hex-USB+CAN cable.
  7. Skard

    Audi s4 b8 Purchase

    I have had mine for a year and a half before advertising it, but will soon have three kids under three years old, hence my genuine need for a Touran. I planned on keeping it for 4-5 years but it is too nice a car for my current needs. Could be similar to the one you are enquiring about. A year...
  8. Skard

    B8 Big brakes thread?

    The guy I got my RS4 8 pots from had put on RS6 390's, direct fit he said. Seeing as the RS4's went on my S4, I imagine the only fitment issue is the shieds being too small
  9. Skard

    B8 Big brakes thread?

    Yes, it all went together
  10. Skard

    Wheel spacers?

    I have standard 18's on my S4 and had 10mm front/15mm on the rear. No issues at all and allowed me to fit front RS brakes.
  11. Skard

    B8 Big brakes thread?

    RS4 B8/RS5 brakes fit under these 18's with spacers (I used 10mm) Just sold my set yesterday.
  12. Skard

    s tronic mechatronic woes..

    This sucks, I think you should be persistant with the fact they have misdiagnosed at your cost whilst causing issues during the fitting. Duty of care and all that. I have been quoted sub £1800 for clutch replacements recently, one from Audi and one from a gearbox specialist, but it is still a...
  13. Skard

    S4 Carbon cleaned

    It is a direct injection engine so there will be carbon buildup over time.
  14. Skard

    s tronic mechatronic woes..

    This is the part they replaced on mine, 0B5398009D. Unsure what loom they broke, could be they damaged the retainer of the plug etc and need a new plastic end to rewire, because any other loom requires...
  15. Skard

    s tronic mechatronic woes..

    My warranty company paid out on a claim late last year, for me it was the mechatronics ECU repair kit. It can throw up numerous faults depending on what part of the PCB gets affected first. My fault was something like 'torque restricted due to clutch temperature' with a message of 'gearbox...
  16. Skard

    Dash cams

    Extremely easy to hardwire. Nextbase make a good kit that comes with two piggyback fuses, took me about 20 minutes all in, run the cable up the A pillar and across to light console. I have an A118C which is good enough for me - nice subtle small shape, but there are more functional ones out there.
  17. Skard

    MMI Firmware Updates? Is there any point?

    I have 2G high and it is woeful, literally useless. I have an up to date Tomtom that I use for when I might need a satnav, just down at the centre console though. I also stripped out the armrest phone cradle and replaced it with an insert from another car, a lot more space in there now as it...
  18. Skard

    Replacement tyres

    Just bought four Eagle F1 Asy 3's, £395 from Tyreleader in 18" (ordered 2200 Monday & came 0900 Thursday, impressed). Hopefully fit them this week. Still don't understand why they are so cheap on launch, must be hoping of flooding the market and then to hike the price up?
  19. Skard

    S-Tronic Gearbox Oil Change

    Mine had four Audi stamps (three different dealers). Since buying my out of warranty car, I have had it in for an stronic oil change, a few months later had a gearbox ECU repair (with readapting to my gearbox) and again fresh fluid. Never was the software updated until yesterday when I paid £110...
  20. Skard

    VAG scandal and remap?

    Your remap will be wiped by any ECU file update, most tuners will probably reflash it afterwards for a nominal fee (or free) afterwards. Or don't bother with the emissions update, but then you are letting on it has been mapped if still under warranty.