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  1. Nick_B

    What’s missing?.....

    Not entirely clear – but are you referring to what is a small gap between the wheel arch lining and the bumper shell? Mine was missing after I had to have the rear bumper replaced (after being rear-ended) - see below. In my case it was a small, thin, plastic strip / trim piece – held in place...
  2. Nick_B

    Alloy upgrade size

    In most cases, yes - however in my case it was on a contra-flow section of the M6, at night and heavy rain. BTW - 48 mpg for a 360 bhp diesel is mighty impressive!
  3. Nick_B

    Alloy upgrade size

    I have 19" wheels on my s-line (245/35/19) with adaptive suspension and I would definitely think again before ordering a car with these wheels. On smooth continental roads the ride is great, but on rutted, pot-holed UK roads it is not so good - I have already had one bucked alloy replaced...
  4. Nick_B

    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    Yes - and maybe I am taking this too far as in many cases (especially on Autoroute) 'pay at pump' is available. That said, I have yet to find a filler spout . funnel that will pass the mis-fuelling protection flap. The solution, from some trial and error, is to trickle the fuel in more slowly...
  5. Nick_B

    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    Thanks! Will look into this.
  6. Nick_B

    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    Yes - this is more about range extension - from the Italian side of the Mont Blanc tunnel to the Channel Tunnel is around 560 miles - the car tends to ask for fuel after around 500 miles but with the higher Autoroute speeds it is a bit less. The 20ltr can gives a comfort factor (and I already...
  7. Nick_B

    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    Thanks - but don't think that links to a product. Can you check? Cheers
  8. Nick_B

    Filling diesel A4 from jerry can

    Hi All, And looking for some advice. I will be travelling in Europe next week and, in order to avoid a mandatory 2 week quarantine (and comply with the government rules) I will need to do a straight run from somewhere on the French / Italian border to the Channel Tunnel terminal at Calais...
  9. Nick_B

    Clear coat peeling

    Had this with my last BMW (OK – I know this is an Audi group) when it was just inside the 3 year pain warranty. They argued it was a stone chip, exacerbated by pressure washing, but I did persist and in the end they resprayed the front bumper. Not a bad result, given I was driving around...
  10. Nick_B

    Coolant leak

    Turned out this leak was from the water pump - replaced under warranty but would have been almost £900.
  11. Nick_B


    I see the same issue referenced in this thread - i.e. combination of start / stop disable along with reduced assistance on the brake servo (after a period of little use) "Managed to get an appointment with Audi, quite...
  12. Nick_B

    Coolant leak

    Hi All, I appear to have a slight coolant leak. Started the car from cold and got a low coolant warning – am travelling in France and as the local supermarket did not have the correct G12 / G13 coolant I topped up the expansion tank with water, it required over a litre to bring the level to...
  13. Nick_B

    Newbie, need help with a part

    Hi - and welcome. I had a look at this part number 8W0863822A However there is a link, suggesting it has been replaced by 8W0863822B as no longer available...
  14. Nick_B

    Dent Repair – Recommendations

    That is an excellent result - really impressive. I am thining mine may be more of a challenge as the dent is accross a crease line. I may well give this a go to see if I can improve it. Failing that I have a quote for £250 which includes filling / smoothing the dent and blending in the paint...
  15. Nick_B

    Buzzing from roof console - Fix

    Hi, Unfortunately I am one of those individuals who simply can't stand buzzes and rattles - yes, a first world problem but this one was annoying the hell out of me. So - for a while I have had a really annoying buzzing sound coming from the roof console, around the area of the SOS button...
  16. Nick_B

    Dent Repair – Recommendations

    It looks like this may be more difficult than I thought. The Pointless Dent Removal guys rely on being able to access the underside of the panel to push out the dent - unfortunately this area is double skinned so access if not possible. Their solution is to glue a small plug onto the surface...
  17. Nick_B

    Dent Repair – Recommendations

    Hi All – in a moment of carelessness, I managed to knock the side of my car with a SCUBA cylinder – and this is the result… Any recommendations appreciated – am thinking this is well within the type of damage for a mobile repairer.
  18. Nick_B

    what does a standard inspection service entail

    As far as I know - Inspection just refers to a general check of the vehicle (disks, pads, exhaust etc...), although I do not have a definitive list. You should get a video and general condition report of any items needing attention. It will include oil & filter, however there are other items...
  19. Nick_B

    Would you still buy an Audi if prices were hiked by 10%

    Yes - the mauling the industry the industry is receiving at the hands of COVID-19 will be compounded by that of a no deal Brexit. I can only hope and pray that we do not end up following this path of utter lunacy.
  20. Nick_B

    Help! Central display?

    Yes - the link I posted covers that technique - complete removal of the anti-glare coating, then a screen protector applied. I think, short of replacement, that will be the only way to get it looking right again.